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Thank you for your interest in seeking amicus (friend-of-the-court) assistance from the Cal Cities Legal Advocacy ProgramPlease complete all of the fields on the form below and submit your request. Identification of a brief writer is required. By submitting the form, the information you provide will be transmitted to Cal Cities staff who will contact you for additional information, if necessary, and place the case on the next Legal Advocacy Committee meeting agenda for consideration.

You will receive confirmation of your submission via email. If you do not receive a confirmation email within 2 hours, please contact Cal Cities staff to confirm your case has been received. For more information about the Cal Cities Legal Advocacy Program, contact Sheri Chapman, general counsel or Janet Leonard, executive assistant, legal services. We will make best efforts to review and contact you about your request for amicus assistance within three working days of its submittal. We reserve the right to reject the request due to timing constraints or if the request does not meet the eligibility requirements of the Legal Advocacy Program.

To ensure that communications, both written and oral, among Cal Cities, the amicus requestor, and any proper third parties remain confidential and privileged to the greatest extent practicable, Cal Cities requires amicus requestors to tender an offer to Cal Cities to enter into a Common Interest Agreement subject to Terms and Conditions available here. Before submitting your amicus request, please review the Terms and Conditions and confirm that your client or clients agree to tender this offer. Cal Cities reserves the right to accept or reject the offer at its sole discretion and will provide Cal Cities decision to the amicus requestor in writing. If you are not submitting the amicus request on behalf of a party you represent in the litigation or you have questions regarding this prerequisite, please contact the Legal Advocacy Program staff.

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