Legal Advocacy Program

The League of  California Cities engages in advocacy on behalf of cities before the appellate courts through the Legal Advocacy Program, because laws affecting cities are made in the courts as well as in the Legislature. Cal Cities receives counsel on its amicus or "friend-of-the-court" efforts from a Legal Advocacy Committee, which is comprised of city attorneys from throughout the state.

The Legal Advocacy Committee meets approximately four times annually. View meeting dates.

The Legal Advocacy Report is provided to keep Department members informed of the Committee's activities relating to Cal Cities' amicus participation in appellate cases.

Cal Cities weighs in on legal issues when its participation is likely to affirmatively advance cities' collective legal interests by establishing legal precedent that will help cities more effectively serve their communities. Generally, for Cal Cities to become involved in the resolution of a legal issue, cities should agree on the preferred outcome of the dispute and no city should be adversely affected by Cal Cities' efforts. In rare cases, Cal Cities will get involved in litigation or Attorney General opinions where cities do not have a common interest in the same outcome; Cal Cities will become involved in such issues only after full board consideration and approval.

Whenever possible, and to maximize the effective use of limited resources, Cal Cities will collaborate and join with other local agency associations and organizations to achieve mutually desired legal outcomes through the Legal Advocacy Program.

For additional information about the Program, please contact Corrie Manning, general counsel, Harveen Gill, assistant general counsel, Alison Leary, senior deputy general counsel or Janet Leonard, executive assistant, legal services.

Legal Advocacy Committee


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