June 21, 2013

Issue #68

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Redevelopment Dissolution Lawsuits Now Number 120 and Counting

Dissolution Rulings Regularly Posted to League Website

The number of lawsuits filed continues to grow as the unwinding of redevelopment continues. By Wednesday, June 19, that number reached 120 lawsuits related to redevelopment dissolution.

City Attorneys, Legal Updates, Economic Development, Redevelopment

June 2013 Policy Committee Summary

The League’s eight standing policy committees met June 13–14 in Sacramento.


Committee Passes Community Revitalization Measure Restoring Narrow RDA Authority

AB 1080 (Alejo) passed the Senate Governance and Finance Committee Wednesday and now heads to the Senate Committee on Transportation and Housing.

Economic Development, Redevelopment

League-Supported Local Finance Measure Unanimously Passes Policy Committee 

SB 56 Receives Bipartisan Support, Advances to Its First Fiscal Committee

A measure providing newly incorporated cities and annexations with property tax revenues in lieu of state Vehicle License Fee (VLF) funds received unanimous bipartisan support on Wednesday in the Senate Governance and Finance Committee.

Revenue & Taxation, State Budget, Municipal Finance

Regional AB 32 Scoping Plan Public Workshops Held to Consider 2013 Updates

As the state’s lead agency on AB 32 regulation and implementation, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) has scheduled several regional workshops in the coming months to consider public comment and input regarding proposed updates to the AB 32 Scoping Plan. 

Environmental Quality, Greeenhouse Gasses

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