March 6, 2013
Issue #26

Editor's Note

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2012 Local Streets and Roads Needs Assessment Released

A biennial report released Tuesday by the League, the California State Association of Counties and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission finds a significant level of deterioration of California’s local streets and roads.

Key words: Transportation


League Opposes Legislation Attempts to Undo Supreme Court Decision on Charter City Authority


Yesterday, the League issued an oppose letter on SB 7 (Steinberg), which seeks to compel charter cities to require prevailing wages on projects they construct with local funds on local projects by withholding all state contracting funds from non-compliant cities. 

Key words: Revenue and Taxation, Charter Cities


Support Requested for the Transportation Coalition for Livable Communities

The Transportation Coalition for Livable Communities, in which the League participates, is requesting support from individual cities for their proposed program concept for cap-and-trade auction revenues.  Today, massive across the board spending cuts totaling $85 billion, known as sequestration, went into effect.

Key words: Land Use, Housing

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