Feb. 1, 2013
Issue #13

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California Local Government Finance Almanac Releases Report on Local Super-Majority Voting Rules and Results

On Monday, League fiscal policy advisor Michael Coleman released his report comparing the success rates for proposed local measures requiring majority votes against those requiring a 55 percent vote and those requiring a two-thirds vote.

Key Words: Elections, Revenue and Taxation, State Budget


PPIC Releases 2013 “Californians & Their Government” Survey

The Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) has released its 2013 “Californians & Their Government” survey, which examines public opinion of state and federal government as well as policy trends. This is the 55th edition of PPIC’s “Californians & Their Government” series.

Key Words: Revenue and Taxation, State Budget


California Bond Market Upgraded by Standard & Poor

This week Standard & Poor’s upgraded California’s general obligation bond rating from A- to A, changing the state’s status from “stable” to “positive.”  The higher rating will lower the state’s borrowing cost when it sells bonds this spring.

Key Words: Revenue and Taxation, State Budget


Development Impact Fee and Public Improvement Financing Program

The California Statewide Communities Development Authority (CSCDA), the League’s financing program, through the Statewide Community Infrastructure Program (SCIP), is offering the opportunity for developers to finance impact fees for roads, water, sewer, storm drains, parks, and other public improvements.

Key Words: Revenue and Taxation, Public Works


City of Bell Launches New Website Promoting Transparency

Earlier this month, the city of Bell presented its newly designed website, during an open meeting of the city’s council. Vision Internet led the project which incorporated best practices from the Sunshine Review’s “10-point transparency checklist.”

 Key Words: Open Government, Technology


Cities for Workforce Health: League of California Cities Partners Program

A healthy, productive workforce is vital to your city’s success. When you improve employee health and wellness, you’ll see less absenteeism, reduced medical risks and increased productivity.

Key Words: League Partners, Community Services

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