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June 22

Parks and Recreation Roundtable

9:00 am - 10:00 am

June 23

City Clerks Roundtable

1:30 pm - 2:30 pm

June 23

Improving the Local Coastal Plan Update Process

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

The League of California Cities is its strongest when joined by the voices of members and coalition partners. Here are the current proposals cities should consider taking action on:

2021-22 State Budget Request for California Cities. The Legislature’s proposed budget deal provides significant resources for cities to address generational crises, but more resources are needed to support recovery from COVID-19 in all cities. City leaders should continue to urge lawmakers to appropriate at least $10 billion to help cities recover from the pandemic, bolster investment towards meaningful solutions to homelessness, improve housing affordability, and advance critical infrastructure.
State Budget Sample City Letter

SB 9 (Atkins) Housing and development: approvals. This bill would require a local government to ministerially approve a housing development containing two residential units in single-family residential zones.  
SB 9 Sample City Opposition Letter

AB 339 (Lee) Local Government Public Meeting Requirements
This bill would purposefully add significant unfunded mandates on local public agencies by requiring them to provide both call-in and internet-based options, in addition to in-person options, for members of the public to attend and comment during any public meeting. 
AB 339 City Opposition Letter

SB 278 (Leyva) PERS Disallowable Compensation. This bill will require public agencies to directly pay retirees and/or their beneficiaries, disallowed retirement benefits using general fund dollars. 
SB 278 Sample City Opposition Letter

The League of California Cities' Federal Priorities, copies of letters and sample letters, and additional federal legislative information are accessible on the Federal Priorities Resource Page.

Regional Divisions

Policy Committees

Professional Departments

Diversity Caucuses


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Regional Divisions

The League of California Cities' 16 Regional Divisions cover every corner of California and serve as the grassroots advocacy core of Cal Cities. City Officials, both elected and professional city staff, work closely with the Cal Cities regional public affairs managers to develop regional informational programs and carry out grassroots activities to support specific legislative, regulatory and ballot measure goals. Divisions provide necessary input and counsel from a diverse range of perspectives among a membership from all over the state.

Divisions also participate in policy development by appointing representatives to the Cal Cities board of directors, resolutions and policy committees. Division appointments are also made to Cal Cities annual conference program committee.

For more information on how to get involved, including regional events and staff contact information please click on your regional division below. If you would like to receive general information about the Cal Cities Divisions, please call (916) 658-8200 or contact your local regional public affairs manager.

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Policy Committees

The League of California Cities' policy-making process allows the issues facing California cities to be debated and the organization's policy directions to be established. Close to 400 city officials serve on Cal Cities policy committees and add their collective expertise, wisdom and opinions to the policy debate that is the foundation of Cal Cities policy. The recommendations from the policy committee are forwarded to Cal Cities board of directors. The committees meet four times each year, typically in January, March, June and at the annual conference. Membership on Cal Cities policy committees is guided by the following principles:

  • A majority of policy committee members must be elected officials.
  • Each department may appoint one representative to each policy committee.
  • Each division may appoint two representatives to each policy committee.
  • Cal Cities affiliates may appoint one representative to appropriate policy committees.
  • The Cal Cities president may appoint 16 additional members to provide added expertise as well as geographic and population balance.
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Professional Departments

Functioning as professional societies with educational and networking opportunities, the League of California Cities' nine municipal departments play an essential role in forming Cal Cities policy and programs. Each department is represented on Cal Cities board of directors, as well as on each of Cal Cities' eight policy committees.

Over the years,  Cal Cities has defined departments' roles as involving the following:

  • Fostering professional development of department members by providing opportunities to exchange ideas, consult with one another and meet with others in the field;
  • Encouraging professional accomplishment and the highest ethical standards in city service;
  • Cooperating with other departments to promote the overall purposes and goals established in Cal Cities' bylaws and by the Cal Cities board;
  • Serving as a technical and advisory resource to Cal Cities; and
  • Supporting high-quality service to cities and their citizens by assisting Cal Cities with continuing education programs, newsletters, and other works of interest to department members.
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Diversity Caucuses

The League of California Cities is committed to promoting involvement for all city officials, in order to reflect the diversity of California's cities. Toward that end, Cal Cities has recognized five diversity groups, whose purpose is to present yet one more opportunity for city officials who share common interests or characteristics to connect with one another.

Cal Cities' five diversity caucuses are:

Membership in these organization is open to any member of Cal Cities, as is participation in any of the caucus meetings or sponsored events.

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