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Platinum Partner Spotlights

Want to Know More About Our League Platinum Partners?

Each month, we spotlight some of our League Platinum Partner organizations. It’s just one of the many ways we help our League Partners and cities get to know one another.

This Month’s Spotlights: California Grocers Association, California JPIA and Johnson Controls 


California Grocers Association

Since 1898, the California Grocers Association has been the voice of the California food industry. CGA is a non-profit, statewide trade association representing over 300 retail members operating more than 6,000 food stores in California and Nevada, and approximately 150 grocery supplier companies. Retail membership includes chain and independent supermarkets, convenience stores and mass merchandisers.

Please visit our website: www.cagrocers.com

California JPIA

Over forty years ago, 33 cities joined forces to address their shared risks. They formed the California Joint Powers Insurance Authority to fill an immediate need and to develop a long-term strategy for mitigating the growing risks of their public agencies. Then and now, the California JPIA preserves the independence of each member agency while yielding the benefits of scale that come with pooling their risks.

The Authority is governed by elected officials from its member agencies. An Executive Committee, elected by members and guided by the California JPIA’s mission to provide innovative risk management solutions, provides strategic oversight while a professional staff of experienced risk mitigation experts facilitate day-to-day management and execute on key priorities and programs.

Members of the California JPIA have committed their agencies to risk management best practices—including policy implementation, staff training, and operational guidance—that support proactive efforts to mitigate risk. Not merely an insurance solution, the California JPIA’s holistic model positions its member agencies to control costs and remain fiscally strong.

Today, more than 100 public agencies have partnered with the California JPIA to address their risks and implement best practices. Member agencies vary from small, single-purpose entities to cities to special districts. Though diverse in their missions, each member is committed to the implementation of risk management practices and the overall financial health of the pool.

Please visit our website: www.cjpia.org


Johnson Controls

Your buildings have a purpose. They are places for people to live or work. Facilities for learning or healing. Venues for entertainment and shopping. Sites for the specialized storage of tangible goods or mission-critical data. Your buildings have a huge variety of functions; they are central to your mission. 

This is where Johnson Controls comes in, helping drive the outcomes that matter most. Through a full range of systems and digital solutions, we make your buildings smarter. A smarter building is safer, more comfortable, more efficient, and, ultimately, more sustainable. Most important, smarter buildings let you focus more intensely on your unique mission. Better for your people. Better for your bottom line. Better for the planet.

Please visit our website at: www.johnsoncontrols.com


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