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Workforce Health Consultation and Grants

Grant Program FAQ
1. Why should a city care about workforce health?
A healthy, productive workforce is vital to your city’s success. When you improve employee health and safety, you’ll see impressive results: fewer sick days, lower employee turnover, and a better safety record. Other improvements can be less obvious but even more important: better focus, higher performance, and a positive work attitude. Together, these changes can add up to a powerful business advantage for your city.
According to studies published in Harvard Business Review, employers investing in effective employee wellness programs experience a 3 to 1 return in both reduced medical and absenteeism costs. The Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine found that robust wellness programs improved employee health and productivity, with 37 percent fewer days of unplanned absence. In 2008, staff of the HEAL Cities Campaign asked over 200 local officials for their priorities to address obesity and chronic disease. Employee wellness policies were one of the top three priority areas they identified.
2. How do I get started?
Visit the Cities for Workforce Health webpage where you will find more information about the program components and can access easy-to-implement workforce health programs and resources as well as ideas on how to engage your employees and keep them motivated in making healthy behavior changes.
3. What does this program cost?

The program is being sponsored by Kaiser Permanente and Keenan. There is no cost to cities to be involved or to access these resources. The actual development of a program can have varying costs, but the Cities for Workforce Health program provides resources for low to no-cost strategies that cities can utilize.
4. What if I already have a wellness program in place?
All cities can access the Cities for Workforce Health program resources. The resources provided through this program will help all cities, regardless of where they are in offering a workforce health program to their employees. Up to five California cities will be selected to receive one-on-one workforce health consultation and a $5,000 credit towards wellness programming.

5. I am not familiar with these partner organizations. Who are they?
Kaiser Permanente is recognized as one of America’s leading health care providers and not-for-profit health plans. Founded in 1945, their mission is to provide high-quality, affordable health care services and to improve the health of their members and the communities they serve.
Keenan is the largest privately held insurance brokerage/consulting firm in California. Keenan’s innovative solutions provide high quality, cost-effective insurance, employee benefits, and financial services. They specialize in proprietary programs for public agencies and health care organizations.
The Healthy Eating Active Living Cities Campaign is a resource for city officials seeking to create opportunities for residents and employees to engage in physical activity and to access healthy food. It is a partnership of the League of California Cities and the California Center for Public Health Advocacy, founded in response to a 2006 League assembly resolution. To date, 142 cities have joined the campaign.
6. What if our city does not offer Kaiser Permanente or does not use Keenan as our broker or consultant?
The Cities for Workforce Health program is sponsored by these two organizations in partnership with the League of California Cities Partners Program. There is no requirement to be affiliated in any way with Kaiser Permanente or Keenan. The resources provided through this program pertain to workforce health programs and can be used by any city regardless of their health plan offering. All cities are encouraged to involve their broker or consultant in these discussions as they build their workforce health strategy.
7. What if I am not a HEAL City and want to get more information?
You may contact the HEAL Cities Campaign and a staff member will respond right away. Email: cd@publichealthadvocacy.org or call (510) 302-3387. More info can be found here.
 8. How do I know if I am in the process of becoming a HEAL City?
You must be in contact with the HEAL City Campaign and are working with them to draft a policy resolution to become a HEAL City.
9. Who do I contact if I have additional questions?
Please contact Mike Egan at egan@cacities.org.
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