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Cities for Workforce Health

Cities for Workforce Health
Cities for Workforce Health is designed to engage California cities and their employees in building a culture of health and making enhanced health and productivity a reality at the workplace. Take action now by exploring the wealth of resources offered through this initiative.

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Why Your City Should Care

A healthy, productive workforce is vital to your city’s success. When you improve employee health and safety, you’ll see impressive results: Fewer sick days. Lower employee turnover. A better safety record. Other improvements can be less obvious but even more important: Better focus. Higher performance. A positive work attitude. Together, these changes add up to a powerful business advantage

Online Resources

  • KP’s Workforce Health Resource Center: Find a rich set of resources to implement a workforce health program for your city.

  • Keenan Well website: Designed to provide employers with information and tools to help support their wellness program initiatives.

  • HEAL Cities Campaign: Provides training and technical assistance to help city officials adopt policies that improve their communities’ physical activity and retail food environments.

  • Healthy Employees, Healthy Business: Download your free copy of this e-book to get practical guidance and information on implementing an effective wellness program.

  • Cities for Workforce Health Webinars
    Cities for Workforce Health supports California cities in improving the health of their employees, and is made possible through the partnership of the League of California Cities, Kaiser Permanente, Keenan & Associates, Inc., and the Healthy Eating Active Living Cities Campaign.

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