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Dec. 21, 2020


League of California Cities Denounces Relief Package with No Aid for Local Governments

Cal Cities to work with incoming Congress to “do the right thing” and provide critically-needed federal relief to cities devastated by the coronavirus crisis

Sacramento ― The League of California Cities issued the following statement following news of the bipartisan COVID-19 Emergency Relief package that fails to include emergency relief for cities. The statement can be attributed to Carolyn Coleman, executive director and CEO of the League of California Cities:
“Once again, Congress is turning its back on American cities, failing to provide funding to support critical and core services Americans depend on, like police and fire, road repair, and programs for our seniors and youth that have helped our hardest hit residents get through the pandemic.
“Revenue shortfalls resulting from the pandemic have decimated city budgets, threatening jobs, services, and local economies, yet Congress has ignored local leaders and economists who for months have been calling for federal aid to support cities’ frontline efforts and help jumpstart economic recovery. 
“Cities have been ― and continue to be ― on the front lines of this crisis, working tirelessly to protect our residents, support our businesses, and maintain the delivery of essential services. We have fought for months to keep our communities safe, which makes Congress’ refusal to stand up for our cities with funding that much more disappointing.
“While we are glad to see provisions in this relief package that will help families and small businesses who are struggling due to this pandemic, those same families and businesses will be affected, when cash-strapped cities are forced to cut jobs and services because they didn’t get help from the federal government.
“We are disappointed, but also unwavering. Congress needs to do more. We stand ready to work with the incoming Congress and Administration in January to ensure California cities get the resources they need to help their communities recover from this crisis. 
“Providing funding to local governments is essential. The path to a strong recovery is strong cities.”

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