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Dec. 6, 2019


League of California Cities Board of Directors Adopts 2020 Strategic Advocacy Priorities

Sacramento – The League of California Cities Board of Directors, joined by leadership from the League’s divisions, departments, policy committees and diversity caucuses convened in Napa this week for the annual League Leaders Workshop to develop the organization’s strategic advocacy priorities for 2020.
This annual event provides an opportunity for city leaders to evaluate the prior year’s work, discuss existing challenges, and establish a focus for advocacy efforts in shaping public policy to improve the quality of life for Californians.
More than 100 city officials participated in developing the following annual priorities addressing challenges faced by California cities. The League Board of Directors approved the priorities during the League’s December board meeting.
  1. Improve the supply and affordability of housing. Provide cities with financial tools to increase construction of housing, particularly for vulnerable populations, reform state regulatory barriers, and ensure cities retain flexibility based on the size, geography, demographics, impact mitigation and land use needs of each community. 
  2. Advocate for increased funding and resources to prevent homelessness and assist individuals experiencing homelessness. Secure additional resources and flexibility to provide navigation assistance, emergency shelters and permanent supportive housing and strengthen partnerships with stakeholders to ensure mental health, substance abuse treatment, and wraparound services are available for adults and youth at risk or already experiencing homelessness in our communities. 
  3. Address fiscal sustainability. Raise awareness among stakeholders about the fiscal challenges cities face and work collaboratively to secure new revenue tools and flexible prudent policies to ensure cities are able to provide essential services to their residents while maintaining their ability to meet pension obligations. 
  4. Strengthen community and disaster preparedness, public safety, and resiliency. Improve community resiliency to disasters and environmental threats, and strengthen infrastructure stability and control, through expanding partnerships, including state and federal agencies, and securing additional resources and support for climate change adaptation, planning, preparedness, response, recovery, and sustainability in our cities.
  5. Address public safety concerns of California cities. Reform recently enacted criminal justice laws — enacted by both statute and initiative — that have eroded public safety protections of California residents through the passage of the Police Chiefs/Grocer’s-sponsored criminal justice reform measure eligible for the November 2020 state ballot, or by equivalent reforms achieved through legislative action. Protect public safety by reducing access to firearms by the mentally ill. Support additional tools and resources to address critical community challenges such as homelessness, mental health, domestic violence, drug rehabilitation, human trafficking, and workforce development for ex-offender reentry.
The League’s strategic priorities for 2020 and prior years are available at www.cacities.org/strategicpriorities.

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