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Calling all City Managers! Submit your COVID-19 Impact Survey (2021 Update) today!

Surveys are due by the close of business on Friday, March 5

March 3, 2021
California’s cities are facing dual crises: billions in expenses addressing the pandemic in our communities, and billions lost from significant declines in tax revenues. 
Without relief cities have been forced to make tough decisions about which core services to continue delivering and which employees to furlough or lay off.

That is why cities need direct and flexible funding from the state and federal governments now, so they can continue to provide essential services to residents and businesses and lead the economic recovery in their communities.

To ensure federal and state decision-makers understand the extent to which our communities have been impacted by the pandemic, it is critical that we provide the statewide impact at the local level, as well as examples of that impact. That is why we are asking you to fill out the COVID-19 Impact Survey (2021 Update).

If your city has not submitted the survey, please do so right away. The survey responses will support our collective advocacy as we fight to secure direct and flexible aid and jumpstart recovery from this devastating pandemic. Your city’s participation is key to success in our support local recovery fight campaign.

The first COVID-19 Impact Survey carried out in April 2020 was used in a data analysis published by Cal Cities, unveiled at a news conference, and referenced in more than 100 media stories. It provided a projection of the revenue shortfalls cities were expecting and showed that nine out of 10 cities estimated that revenue shortfalls would lead to service cuts or furloughs and layoffs, and that nearly three in four cities would take both actions.

We know that since then, more than 35 thousand local government jobs throughout the state have already been lost during the pandemic, some businesses have closed permanently in our communities, and many residents have lost their livelihoods. These repercussions are having long-term, devastating impacts on our cities and our residents, and will forever change the face of our local main streets. 

To complete survey, cities will need to access recent financial reports such as a budget document showing actual and estimated revenues and spending. Individual city responses will be confidential, however, Cal Cities staff may contact cities for additional clarification or advocacy purposes.

If you have any questions regarding this survey or cannot find the link to fill out the survey, please contact Cal Cities Legislative Policy Analyst Johnnie Pina or Legislative Representative Nick Romo.

Please complete this survey by close of business on Friday, March 5.

Thank you to all the city officials that have submitted your answers so far. Again, the data are critical in our fight to Support Local Recovery.

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