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Solid waste and recycling costs on the rise in California

Cal Cities survey indicates anticipated rate increases statewide regardless of city size

February 17, 2021
Cal Cities recently surveyed cities on solid waste and recycling rates to understand if rates are on the rise, by how much, and what is driving these cost increases. 
Of the 149 cities surveyed, nine out of 10 cities indicated their rates are increasing, with more than seven out of 10 anticipating a 1 to 20 percent rate increase. California cities of every size anticipate solid waste and recycling rate increases in the next three years.

A Cal Cities infographic shows the range of rate increases anticipated and which factors are contributing to the expected rate hikes. The costs associated with implementing SB 1383, the state's new organic waste regulations,  and a lack of recycling and organic waste infrastructure are the top factors for rate increases.
SB 1383 regulations go into effect Jan. 1, 2022 and will add additional cost pressures to solid waste and disposal rates. CalRecycle finalized the SB 1383 regulations in November 2020, leaving cities only about a year to fully implement the ambitious regulations before they take effect.
Cities need additional time, flexibility, and a source of stable statewide funding to implement the new organic waste regulations. This will help cities realistically achieve shared climate and emission reduction goals and ensure this $20 billion program does not fall on ratepayers in a time when California residents' budgets are tight.
More information on SB 1383 can be found on the Cal Cities Organic Waste Recycling webpage. If you have any further questions, reach out to Cal Cities Legislative Representative Derek Dolfie or Policy Analyst Caroline Cirrincione.

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