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Keynote Speakers Announced for 2020 Mayors & Council Members Executive Forum

June 2, 2020
Join the League of California Cities for the first-ever, all-virtual Mayors & Council Members Executive Forum beginning June 18. 
During this event, taking place over three consecutive Thursdays, elected officials will hear from keynote speakers  Eric Bailey and Nicole Lance from Extraordinary Balance, about how to lead in the uncertain future that we face. Participants will also learn about current topics including leadership in an emergency, effective action planning, cyber security, by-district elections, utility-initiated power shutdowns, and more.
Thursday, June 18, 9-10:30 a.m.
The Brain Science of Effective Action Planning (even in times of uncertainty!)
Suffering from the problem of having too much time, too much money, and too many staff resources? Didn't think so! Organizations must constantly evaluate how to apply limited resources in the most effective, highest value, and intentionally strategic manner. Too many agencies waste valuable time and resources on low-value activities and unproductive conversations because they lack the knowledge of how to effectively partner and create actionable plans that actually move the organization from ideas to execution, even when times are uncertain. Building off of studies in neuroscience, this presentation solves these problems and focuses on adaptable action plans and methods for staying creative and responsive in the face of change.
Thursday, July 2, 3:15-4:15 p.m.
Resilience and the Athenian Oath
As you lead your cities into an uncertain future, what does it mean to live the Athenian Oath? This session closes the conference with an exploration into organizational resilience and strategies for reframing public leadership.
In addition to access for all live sessions, materials, and virtual networking opportunities, registering for the conference gives you access to all session recordings for later viewing. Join the League for this can’t-miss opportunity to sharpen your skills as you prepare your city for the future.
Registration, schedule, and session information is available at www.cacities.org/events.
For more information, please email Caitlin Cole.

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