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How to Access Statewide Parks Program Funding to Build Park Space in Your City

June 9, 2020
Parks are fundamental to healthy communities, improving physical and emotional health, promoting social cohesion, improving local economies, protecting the environment, and making neighborhoods more attractive places to live, work, and play.
Eight out of 10 cities project cuts to parks and recreation services due to revenue shortfalls stemming from the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Through the Statewide Park Program (SPP), more than $395 million will be available on a competitive basis to create parks and recreation opportunities in underserved communities across California.
In 2019, three municipalities worked with Public Health Advocates and Kounkuey Design Initiative, and submitted four winning proposals for SPP funding. For disadvantaged and park-poor communities interested in applying for the next round of SPP funding, Public Health Advocates and Kounkuey Design Initiative are offering free technical assistance. This may include identifying community needs, conceptual site plan mapping, cost estimation, and building local partnerships to create comprehensive, community-driven projects.
Eligibility, Expectations, and Timeline
Priority will be given to project applications that aim to create new parks through community-based planning with residents of disadvantaged, park-poor neighborhoods. To be eligible for technical assistance, the community within a half-mile radius of the proposed project must have a ratio of less than three acres of park space per 1,000 residents and have a median household income lower than $51,026. Round 4 of the Statewide Park Program funding is expected to be released no sooner than November 2020.
Visit the SPP webpage for more information about park program funding. For more information about PHAdvocates, visit their website or contact Alfred Mata at (844) 962-5900 x360.

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