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League Weekly COVID-19 Update: June 25-July 1

July 1, 2020
The California Legislature approved on June 26 and Gov. Gavin Newsom signed into law on Monday, a budget package including several bills that further the implementation of the FY 2020-21 State Budget. 
We expect an August revision of the budget following state income tax receipt reports in July.  

A highlight in the budget affecting cities is a $500 million direct allocation of the state’s CARES Act funding to cities and the establishment of a minimum allocation of $50,000 per city. On June 30, the Department of Finance (DOF) issued an application for cities to receive their direct allocation from the approved $500 million of city CARES Act funding. Funds are to be used by Oct. 30, 2020 and are applicable for eligible COVID-19 expenses incurred starting on March 1, 2020. Applications are due by July 10. Funding will be allocated through installments by DOF.
The League will continue to fight for resources that cities need to address revenue loss related to the COVID-19 pandemic response and recovery. Read the League’s analysis of the budget package here, and League Executive Director Carolyn Coleman's response to the budget package can be found here.
On Monday, the League signed on to a letter to U.S. Senate leadership requesting aid to state and local governments as public services and jobs are threatened by COVID-19. The letter was signed by the National League of Cities, the National Governors Association, The Council of State Governments, National Conference of State Legislatures, National Association of Counties, U.S. Conference of Mayors and the International City/County Management Association, along with over 160 businesses and organizations including local municipal associations, trade associations, major corporations, labor unions, and others.
As a result of rising COVID-19 transmission rates, the Governor released an order over the weekend mandating seven counties close their bars. 
Below is a brief recap of recent and on-going significant COVID-19 developments.
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