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League of California Cities
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Next Week is Infrastructure Week — Here’s How You Can Get Involved

May 6, 2019
The 7th annual Infrastructure Week is May 13 – 20.
What is it? Infrastructure Week is a national week of education and advocacy that unites American businesses, workers, elected leaders, and everyday citizens to host events, tour infrastructure projects and raise critical issues in the press and on social media to highlight the state of our nation’s infrastructure — roads, bridges, rail, ports, airports, water and sewer systems, the energy grid, smart cities and more.

More than that, Infrastructure Week elevates the message to decision makers that modern, safe, reliable and affordable infrastructure is essential to all facets of American life — from jobs and economic competitiveness to resilience, public health and safety and quality of life.
Who participates? Infrastructure Week unites America’s business, labor and public sector leaders.

Critically, the Week provides a platform for those working to reimagine, rebuild, and modernize infrastructure to join forces with those who rely on it — from manufacturers and retailers to retirees and commuters. The nonpartisan Steering Committee and over 450 affiliates host more than 100 public and private events nationwide, debate critical issues at public forums, announce plans, begin construction on new projects and cut ribbons on completed ones, host private roundtables and strategy meetings, convene media tours of projects and assets, and connect with ratepayers and voters.

Many more — from mayors and governors to corporate executives and labor advocates — write op-eds and speak on TV and radio news, get active on social media, and take the message directly to elected leaders in Congress and state legislatures.
Here are some simple ways to participate and spread the message that our nation wants to #BuildForTomorrow:
Get started! Visit for ideas and materials to prepare for the week, to sign up as an Affiliate or share what you are planning.
Share on social media. With hundreds of millions of social media impressions on Infrastructure Week posts each year, engaging on social media is a popular way to get involved. Follow @infraweek and use the hashtag #BuildForTomorrow to join the conversation! Share how infrastructure impacts your members, customers, business, or community. We have dozens of shareable social media graphics ready for you to download and use at
Plan or Attend an event. Visit to search through nearly 100 upcoming events in Washington, D.C. or in your local community.
Write an op-ed or blog post. Visit to download and personalize our blog post/op-ed template. Use this platform to highlight the importance of infrastructure in your community
Issue a proclamation. Issue a proclamation from the city council or mayor‘s office to make your city’s voice heard. Many start with the template provided at and customize to fit their community’s needs and priorities.
We hope you will join the League and cities across the country during Infrastructure Week as part of this national effort to #BuildForTomorrow. Visit to access many helpful tools, including templates for op-eds, proclamations, social media graphics, branding tools, and more for you to get started planning for the Week! 

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