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League of California Cities
Home > News > News Articles > 2019 > July > HCD Launches SB 2 Planning Grants Technical Assistance
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HCD Launches SB 2 Planning Grants Technical Assistance

New Tools and First-Ever Statewide Peer-To-Peer Map-Based Sharing

July 22, 2019
The California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) recently announced the SB 2 Planning Grants Technical Assistance (TA) Accelerating Housing Production webpage, with new resources, tools and a statewide peer-to-peer sharing map to help cities apply for the $123 million in SB 2 Planning Grants.
The SB 2 Planning Grants Program provides one-time, non-competitive grants to local governments to update a variety of planning documents and processes that streamline housing approvals and accelerate housing production. The Institute for Local Government (ILG) and PlaceWorks are assisting local governments secure this funding by identifying projects and tools that will help increase housing production.

This website allows you to:
  • Access the interactive map — a peer-to-peer resource, where you can learn what other cities/counties are doing to accelerate housing production, including:
    • Rezoning to permit by-right housing;
    • Promoting accessory dwelling units;
    • Developing objective design and development standards;
    • Implementing California Environmental Quality Act streamlining strategies; and
    • Planning adaptation.
  • See which cities/counties are receiving TA from HCD to help them plan for housing and accelerate production.
  • View which cities/counties have applied to receive planning grants from HCD and view the status of each application.
  • Submit your jurisdiction's best practices for accelerating housing production for others to learn from and replicate.
  • Find your regional liaison to help you with your planning grant application
The Accelerating Housing Production webpage will be updated regularly to include policies and implementation strategies from other cities/counties throughout the state, as well as additional toolkits and resources. These updates will include:
  • A collection of customizable model ordinances and code amendments, with an emphasis on by-right zoning. Model ordinances will include:
    • Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs);
    • Reasonable accommodation;
    • Density bonus;
    • Incentive zoning; and
    • A variety of housing-type ordinances.
  • An objective design and development standard toolkit that will include examples on infill, multifamily development for both rural and urban type jurisdictions.
  • An ADU toolkit that will include web-based calculator and permit-ready concepts.
For additional SB 2 Planning Grant information, view the League’s CA Cities Advocate article on “SB 2 Planning Grants Are Available: Find out How to Access Your City’s Share” and HCD’s Planning Grants Funding webpage.

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