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Senate and Assembly Appropriations Committees Decide on Fiscal Measures; Prepare for Final Floor Votes on Bills of Interest to Cities

League-supported housing legislation SB 5 (Beall) Moves On; Contentious Parking Bill Stalls

August 30, 2019
The Appropriations Committees of both houses met on Friday, Aug. 30, to decide the fate of hundreds of bills calling for significant new funding, including many that affect cities.
With these bills decided on, the stage is set for the final two weeks of the legislative session where bills face a Sept. 13 deadline.
Below, is a complete listing of bills, on which the League has a position, that were pending on the Senate or Assembly Appropriations Committees suspense files. Those that passed, including some with amendments, are listed as “Pass” and those that failed to move are listed as “Held.” The held measures were tabled as ineligible for further action this session.
The decisions made by the respective Appropriations Committees yielded several positive results for cities including the passage of SB 5 (Beall/McGuire/Portantino), a measure that would create a state/local partnership to provide up to $2 billion annually to fund state-approved affordable housing, infrastructure and economic development projects that also support state policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, expand transit oriented development (TOD), address poverty and revitalize neighborhoods.
The League scored another victory with AB 516 (Chiu) being stalled for the year. AB 516 would have prohibited cities from immobilizing or towing vehicles when vehicle owners fail to respond to a minimum of five unpaid parking tickets; immobilizing or towing vehicles when vehicle owners fail to pay or appear in court for a minimum of five moving traffic violations; and from towing vehicles for a 72-hour violation, until a minimum of five business days have elapsed after a violation has already occurred.
These provisions would have exacerbated parking scarcity, blight and public safety risks on local streets and roads.
On measures related to public safety, the Assembly Appropriations Committee approved SB 230 (Caballero) the companion measure to AB 392 (Weber) related to standards for police use of force. SB 230 provides additional training and guidelines for police officers on the use of force, including techniques for de-escalation and crisis intervention.
The Legislature also approved measures, AB 1080 (Gonzalez) and SB 54 (Allen), to lessen the burden of plastic waste recycling on cities. These bills now both move to their respective floor chambers for final votes.
Assembly Appropriations Committee also passed League-supported telecommunications bills, SB 344 and SB 670 (McGuire). SB 344 grants a one-year extension of a sunset date to the Local Prepaid Mobile Telephony Services Collection Act (Local Prepaid MTS) until Jan. 1, 2021. SB 670 requires telecommunications providers to notify the California Office of Emergency Services (CalOES) of 9-1-1 service or emergency warning outages.
The Appropriations Committees also approved and rejected measures contrary to the League’s positions such as SB 330 (Skinner), which was approved and will now head to the Assembly floor. Even though this measure continues to move, it has been amended significantly in recent months to address many of the League’s concerns. The League continues to oppose SB 330 because it would prohibit a city from imposing any fee, except CEQA-related fees, after the submittal of a “preliminary” application. This would essentially ban project specific fees because these fees cannot be determined until a city fully analyzes the project. 
SB 13 (Wieckowski) related to accessory dwelling units (ADUs) also passed with amendments to define “impact fees.” It is unclear exactly how “impact fees” will be defined. Amendments will be available next week. The League continues to oppose SB 13, because it would prohibit local jurisdictions from imposing any impact fees on ADUs less than 750 square feet, and limit the charge on ADUs over 750 square feet to 25 percent of the fees otherwise charged for a new single-family dwelling on the same lot.
On the issue of pensions, the Assembly Appropriations Committee approved SB 266 (Leyva), which will require public agencies to directly pay retirees and/or their beneficiaries who have portions of their retirement deemed disallowed by CalPERS, using general fund dollars. The League continues to be opposed to this measure because it will further strain local agency budgets at a time where retirement obligations are limiting agencies ability to provide critical public services.
On revenue and taxation related issues, the Senate Appropriations Committee approved, without amendments, AB 1583 (Eggman), which extends the existing California Alternative Energy and Advanced Transportation Financing Authority’s (CAEATFA) Sales and Use Tax Exclusion Program for an additional 10 years. The League remains opposed to this measure, unless amended to remove the extension of the CAEATFA program, due to the loss of up to $500 million in local agency revenue over the ten-year period. The committee also held AB 213 (Reyes) while allowing the bill to become a two-year measure. AB 213 would restore funding to approximately 140 cities that annexed inhabited territory in reliance on previous financial incentives, then suffered significant fiscal harm when those funds were swept away by SB 89 (2011). 
To access bill language, the League’s position letters and sample letters, go to www.cacities.org/billsearch and type in the bill number into the search function.
Senate Appropriations
  • AB 51     (Gonzalez) Employment discrimination: enforcement — Pass
  • AB 171   (Gonzalez) Employment: sexual harassment — Pass
  • AB 314   (Bonta) Public employment: labor relations: release time — Pass
  • AB 403   (Kalra) Division of Labor Standards Enforcement: complaint — Pass
  • AB 516    (Chiu) HOT Authority to remove vehicles — Held (League-Opposed Parking Bill, AB 516 (Chiu), Dies in Senate Appropriations Committee)
  • AB 931   (Boerner Horvath)   Local boards and commissions: representation: appointments — Pass
  • AB 1066 (Gonzalez) Unemployment insurance: trade disputes: eligibility for benefits — Pass
  • AB 1184 (Gloria) Public records: writing transmitted by electronic mail: retention — Pass
  • AB 1320 (Nazarian) Public employee retirement systems: prohibited investments: Turkey — Pass
  • AB 1366 (Gonzalez) Voice over Internet Protocol and Internet Protocol enabled communications — Pass 
Oppose unless amended
  • AB 9       (Reyes) Employment discrimination: limitation of action — Pass
  • AB 68     (Ting) Land use: accessory dwelling units — Pass
  • AB 881   (Bloom) Accessory dwelling units — Pass
  • AB 1483 (Grayson) Housing data: collection and reporting — Pass
  • AB 1583 (Eggman) The California Recycling Market Development Act — Pass 
  • AB 10   (Chiu) Income taxes: credits low-income housing: farmworker housing safety — Held
  • AB 41   (Gallagher) Disaster relief: Camp Fire — Held
  • AB 213 (Reyes) HOT Local government finance: vehicle license fee — Held (2 Year Bill)
  • AB 344 (Calderon) New Beginnings California Program — Pass
  • AB 429 (Nazarian) HOT Seismically vulnerable buildings: inventory — Pass
  • AB 836   (Wicks)  Wildfire Smoke Clean Air Centers for Vulnerable Populations Incentive Program  — Pass
  • AB 1080 (Gonzalez) HOT California Circular Economy and Plastic Pollution Reduction Act— Pass
  • AB 1417 (Rubio, Blanca) Cannabis advertisement and marketing — Held
  • AB 1544 (Gipson) Community Paramedicine or Triage to Alternate Destination Act — Pass
  • AB 1637 (Smith) Unclaimed Property Law — Pass 
Assembly Appropriations
  • SB 142 (Wiener) Employees: lactation accommodation — Pass
  • SB 266 (Leyva) Public Employees’ Retirement System: disallowed compensation: benefit adjustments — Pass
  • SB 330 (Skinner) HOT Housing Crisis Act of 2019 — Pass
  • SB 416 (Hueso)   Employment: workers’ compensation — Pass
  • SB 518 (Wieckowski)   Civil actions: settlement offers — Pass
  • SB 542 (Stern)   Workers’ compensation — Pass
  • SB 749 (Durazo)   California Public Records Act: trade secrets — Pass 
Oppose Unless Amended
  • SB 13   (Wieckowski D)   Accessory dwelling units— Pass
  • SB 5     (Beall) HOT Affordable Housing and Community Development Investment Program — Pass (League of California Cities Applauds Passage of Senate Bill 5 by Assembly Appropriations Committee)
  • SB 23   (Wiener) Unlawful entry of a vehicle — Held
  • SB 54   (Allen) HOT California Circular Economy and Plastic Pollution Reduction Act — Pass
  • SB 137 (Dodd) Federal transportation funds: state exchange programs — Pass
  • SB 209 (Dodd) Wildfires: California Wildfire Warning Center: fire-weather monitoring — Pass
  • SB 230 (Caballero) Law enforcement: use of deadly force: training: policies — Pass
  • SB 258 (Hertzberg) California Emergency Solutions and Housing Program: grants: homeless shelters: pets and veterinary services — Held
  • SB 329 (Mitchell) Discrimination: housing: source of income — Pass
  • SB 344 (McGuire) Local Prepaid Mobile Telephony Services Collection Act — Pass
  • SB 515 (Caballero) Public Utilities Commission: high hazard zone fuel: report — Held (2 year Bill)
  • SB 667 (Hueso) Greenhouse gases: recycling infrastructure and facilities — Held (2 Year Bill)
  • SB 670 (McGuire) Telecommunications: community isolation outage: notification  — Pass
  • SB 672 (Hill) Planning and zoning: regional housing need allocation: City of Brisbane — Held 
Support, If Amended
  • SB 211 (Beall) State highways: leases — Pass  
Upcoming League Sign/Veto Webinar
The League is hosting a webinar on Tuesday, Sept.17 (10 –11:45 a.m.) for a review of the top priority bills that for cities to advocate for a signature or veto by Gov. Gavin Newsom. The legislative session ends on Friday, Sept. 13 and the Governor has an Oct.15 deadline to sign or veto measures approved by the Legislature. This period will be the final opportunity for city officials to voice their support or opposition to the Governor on key bills. Register online.

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