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Now’s the Time to Think about Joining a League Policy Committee

The application process is easier than ever!

August 30, 2019
Serving as a member of a League policy committee is often the first introduction to League engagement. 
Share the issues facing your community and collectively help identify and develop policy recommendations that will establish the League’s policy direction in the state Capitol. The League’s policy committees are comprised of city officials and local leaders from throughout the state and help develop League policy. Committee members review legislation, participate in policy deliberations, study key issues impacting cities and suggest new policy guidelines. The recommendations from the policy committees are forwarded to the League board of directors for review and adoption.
The seven standing policy committees are:
  • Community Services
  • Environmental Quality
  • Governance, Transparency and Labor Relations
  • Housing, Community and Economic Development
  • Public Safety
  • Revenue and Taxation
  • Transportation, Communication and Public Works
How to join a committee
Beginning in October, those interested in serving on a League policy committee can request an appointment through incoming division, department or caucus presidents. For division appointments, contact your regional public affairs manager, for a department appointment, contact the League staff that manages your department and for a caucus appointment, contact your caucus president.
For those on a committee seeking reappointment
The 2019 policy committee term will end at the upcoming annual conference in October. Current policy committee members who wish to remain on the committee should request reappointment through their incoming division, department or caucus presidents.
Presidential appointments should only be requested when division, department or caucus appointment slots are already filled. If you did not receive an appointment through those channels, you may request a League presidential appointment by filling out a policy committee presidential appointment request form. These forms will be available on the League website in mid-October
Those appointed to policy committees for 2020 will be confirmed in mid-December and the first policy committee meetings will be held in mid-January.
Learn more about How to Join a League Policy Committee on the League website.
For questions about the policy committee appointment process, please contact Meg Desmond at (916) 658-8224.

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