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League of California Cities
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League Releases Hot Legislative Bills List

Annual Legislative Action Day highlights two priority bills

April 22, 2019
This week marks the Legislature’s return from Spring Recess, and policy committees will be in full swing in the Capitol.
The League’s annual Legislative Action Day event will be held this Wednesday.
Two of the League’s hot bills will be heard in policy committees this Wednesday.
  • SB 50 (Wiener) The More HOMES Act, which is similar to last year’s SB 827 (Wiener),  would allow developers of certain types of housing projects to override locally developed and adopted height limitations, housing densities, parking requirements and limit design review standards by requiring upzoning around existing transit corridors. The League currently has an oppose unless amended position. The issues raised by SB 50 are part of ongoing legislative discussions on how to create legislation that strikes a balance between community-based planning and state goals. The bill will be heard as a special order in Senate Governance and Finance Committee, at 9 a.m. in room 112 of the Capitol. City officials attending Legislative Action Day are encouraged to attend this hearing and express any concerns with this bill.
  • AB 849 (Bonta) Elections and Local Redistricting, seeks to completely overhaul the process for establishing new election district boundaries and modifying existing ones. Modifications to the process include a drastic increase in the amount of public hearings that must be held prior to redistricting, and applying stringent requirements for the postage and maintenance of reports regarding the redistricting process that far exceed Brown Act Standards. These modifications would undoubtedly create hundreds of thousands of dollars in unfunded and/or suspended mandates as well as unworkable confusion and implementation challenges for local government agencies. The League has adopted an oppose position. AB 849 will be heard in Assembly Local Government Committee this Wednesday at 1:30 p.m. in room 127. City officials attending Legislative Action Day are encouraged to attend this hearing and offer their “me too” in opposition of this bill.   
Below is a list of additional League hot bills and an update on their progress through the Legislature:
HOT AB 147 (Burke) Use Tax Collection.
Implements the U.S. Supreme Court Wayfair decision, which will result in the collection in more than $400 million in state and local sales and use tax from internet sales.
Status: Passed out of both houses and awaiting a decision from Governor Newsom.
HOT AB 213 (Reyes) Annexation Financing.
Restores funding to 140 cities that lost funds following the annexation of inhabited territory and also reestablishes previous fiscal incentives for cities that annex inhabited territory.
Status: Passed out of Assembly Local Government Committee and referred to the Assembly Appropriations suspense file.
HOT SB 230 (Caballero) Peace Officers. Deadly Force.
Updates California’s requirements for employing deadly force when confronting a fleeing felon to meet the standards set by the U.S. Supreme Court in Graham v. Connor and Tennessee v. Garner. Requires all law enforcement agencies in the state to maintain a policy on use of force, and requires the policy to include provisions that provide comprehensive and clear guidelines.
Status: Amended and will be heard in Senate Public Safety committee this week.
HOT AB 234 (Nazarian) Income Taxes. Credit. Seismic Retrofits.
Provides up to a 30 percent tax credit for locally certified seismic retrofitting projects completed within taxable years 2020 – 2025. Requires an eligible building to be certified as a seismically at-risk property prior to project start and then be certified as a seismic retrofit project at completion.
Status: Passed out of Assembly Revenue and Taxation Committee and referred to Assembly Appropriations Committee.
HOT AB 429 (Nazarian) Seismically Vulnerable Buildings. Inventory.
Requires the Alfred E. Alquist Seismic Safety Commission (SSC) to identify funding and develop a bidding process for hiring a third-party contractor to create an inventory of potentially vulnerable buildings.
Status: Passed out of Assembly Governmental Organization Committee and Referred to Assembly Appropriations Committee.
HOT AB 1190 (Irwin) Unmanned Aircraft: State and Local Regulation.
Prohibits a state or local agency from adopting any law or regulation that bans the operation of an unmanned aircraft system. The bill would include the operation of small unmanned aircraft systems within the definition of hazardous recreational activity for purposes of public entity liability. Authorizes a state or local agency to adopt regulations to enforce a requirement that a small unmanned aircraft system be properly registered under existing federal regulations.
Status: Amended and re-referred to Assembly Privacy and Consumer Protections Committee.
HOT ACA 1 (Aguiar-Curry) Financing Affordable Housing and Public Infrastructure. Voter Approval.
Reduces the local vote threshold for local bonds and taxes to invest in infrastructure and affordable housing from two-thirds to 55 percent.
Status: Passed out of Assembly Local Government Committee and referred to Assembly Appropriations Committee.
HOT SB 5 (Beall/McGuire) Affordable Housing and Community Development Investment Program.
Create a local-state partnership to provide up to $2 billion annually to fund State approved affordable housing, infrastructure, and economic development projects that also support State policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, expand transit oriented development (TOD), address poverty and revitalize neighborhoods. This measure restores RDA-type ongoing financing for these important projects.
Status: Passed out of Senate Housing Committee and set to be heard in Senate Approprations.
HOT AB 33 (Bonta) CalPERS Divestment Measure. Private Prisons.
Requires the CalPERS and CalSTRS pension funds to divest all holdings in the private prison industry.
Status: Set for hearing at Assembly Public Employment and Retirement Committee.
HOT AB 392 (Weber) Peace Officers. Deadly Force.
Limits the use of deadly force by a peace officer to those situations where it is necessary to defend against a threat of imminent serious bodily injury or death to the officer or to another person. Defines the terms “necessary” to mean that given the totality of the circumstances, an objectively reasonable peace officer in the same situation would conclude that there was no reasonable alternative to the use of deadly force that would prevent death or serious bodily injury to the peace officer or to another person.
Status: Passed out of Assembly Public Safety Committee and referred to Assembly Rules Committee.
HOT AB 849 (Bonta) Elections. Local Redistricting.
Completely overhauls the districting and redistricting process for counties, cities, special districts, and all school boards — including every factor currently used to draw districts. Requires up to six different public hearings in different locations around the jurisdiction. Requires up to three meetings being held on the weekends and up to three meetings being held after 6 p.m. Requires the jurisdiction provide live translation services for all applicable languages at each public hearing, among other things.
Status: Passed out of Assembly Elections and Redistricting Committee and set for hearing in Assembly Local Government Committee.
HOT AB 1112 (Friedman) Motorized Scooters. Regulation.
Eliminates the ability for cities to fully regulate corporations that offer shared motorized scooter services.
Status: Referred to Assembly Transportation Committee.
HOT AB 1332 (Bonta) Sanctuary State Investment Act.
Significantly limits state and local agencies ability to contract out for a variety of vital public services. Mandates that agencies create an ever-evolving restricted list of private vendors. Constructs an elaborate investigation and vetting process that agencies must adhere to before contracting for services. Creates new avenues for protracted criminal and civil litigation against cities. Would impact operations for virtually every department including police, fire, finance, legal, public works, etc. 
Status: Referred to Assembly Judiciary Committee.
HOT AB 1356 (Ting) Cannabis: Local Jurisdictions: Retail Commercial Cannabis Activity.
Requires a local jurisdiction where more than 50 percent of a local jurisdiction’s electorate voted in favor of AUMA, to issue a minimum number of local licenses authorizing adult-use or medicinal retail cannabis commercial activity within that jurisdiction. The bill establishes a one to four ratio of local retail cannabis licenses to the number of currently active on-sale general licenses for alcoholic beverage sales in that jurisdiction. If the four to one ratio would exceed one retail cannabis license for every 10,000 residents of the local jurisdiction, then the bill requires the minimum number to be determined by dividing the number of residents in the local jurisdiction by 10,000 and rounding down to the nearest whole number.
Status: Referred to Assembly Business and Professions Committee.
HOT AB 1763 (Chiu) Density Bonus. Affordable Housing.
Greatly expands existing Density Bonus Law by requiring, at the request of a developer, for 100 percent affordable housing projects, a city or county must award an 80 percent density bonus and four incentives and concessions. For 100 percent affordable housing projects within one-half mile of a major transit stop or high quality bus corridor, a city or county would be required to allow unlimited density, four incentives and concessions, and up to three additional stories.
Status: Passed out of Assembly Housing and Community Development Committee Referred to Assembly Local Government Committee.
HOT SB 13 (Wieckowski) Accessory Dwelling Units.
Prohibits local jurisdictions from imposing any impact fees on accessory dwelling units (ADUs) less than 750 square feet, and limit the charge on ADUs over 750 square feet to 25 percent of the fees otherwise charged for a new single-family dwelling on the same lot. Prohibits replacement parking when a garage, carport, or covered parking structure is demolished or converted into an ADU. Prohibits owner occupancy requirements.
Status: Passed out of Senate Governance and Finance Committee and Referred to Senate Appropriations Committee.
HOT SB 50 (Wiener) More HOMES Act (Housing, Opportunity, Mobility, and Stability).
Allows developers of certain types of housing projects to override locally developed and adopted height limitations, housing densities, parking requirements and limits design review standards.
Status: Passed out of Senate Housing Committee and set for hearing in Senate Governance and Finance Committee on Special Order.
HOT SB 330 (Skinner) Housing Crisis Act of 2019.
Declares a statewide housing crisis for a ten-year period, prohibits a city from imposing parking requirements, adjusting impact fees, imposing impact fees on affordable housing projects, and limiting new design standards based on cost.
Status: Referred to Senate Rules Committee.
HOT SB 542 (Stern) Workers’ Compensation. Presumption.
Creates a new presumption for post-traumatic stress disorder within the workers’ compensation system for police and fire personnel. Applies retroactivity provisions to Jan. 1, 2017.
Status: Set for hearing in Senate Appropriations Committee.

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