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Santa Cruz Region Law Enforcement, Firefighters, Engineers and Local Government Join Labor and Community Groups to Oppose Prop. 6

Unless Voters Reject Prop. 6, Santa Cruz, Monterey and San Benito Counties Will Lose $360 Million in Local Transportation Funding

September 26, 2018
In the second No on Prop. 6 press conference of the week, law enforcement, engineers, local government officials and community groups gathered in Santa Cruz on Sept. 26 to urge voters to reject the dangerous measure.
Prop. 6 will devastate the Santa Cruz, Monterey and San Benito region by eliminating over $300 million in existing transportation funding. Projects like the following that are currently underway would be at risk:
  • Roadway reconstruction and flooding prevention improvements on Branciforte Drive in Santa Cruz;
  • Installing pedestrian safety features on the San Lorenzo Riverwalk;
  • Securing up to nine new Clean Natural Gas buses for Santa Cruz METRO; and
  • Revamping and updating eight bridges on Highway 1.
Standing in front of a much-needed anticipated bike and pedestrian overcrossing, Santa Cruz Council Member Cynthia Mathews warned about what is at stake on Nov. 6.
“We cannot afford to lose these important projects that would improve quality of life and help protect public safety,” said Council Member Matthews. “That’s why I stand here today, urging you to vote No on Prop. 6.”
Other speakers included:
  • Zach Friend, supervisor, County of Santa Cruz;
  • John Leopold, supervisor, County of Santa Cruz
  • Cody Muhly, president, Santa Cruz City Firefighters Local 1716;
  • Kwame Agyare, American Society of Civil Engineers;
  • Cesar Lara, Monterey Bay Central Labor Council; 
  • Jim Hart, sheriff, County of Santa Cruz; and
  • Janneke Strause, executive director, Bike Santa Cruz County.
Paid for by No on Prop 6: Stop the Attack on Bridge & Road Safety, sponsored by business, labor, local governments and transportation advocates
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