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Sacramento Area Firefighters, Labor Representatives and Local Government Leaders Voice Strong Opposition to Prop. 6

September 5, 2018
Standing next to the I-5 O Street Overpass in Sacramento on Wednesday morning, leaders from public safety and labor organizations joined local government officials to voice strong opposition to Proposition 6. 
The speakers discussed what is at stake if voters pass Prop. 6, while highlighting local road, bridge and transportation projects the measure jeopardizes. The event was another in a series of No on Prop. 6 press conferences happening throughout the state this month.
Prop. 6 eliminates more than $5 billion annually in existing transportation funds and stops funding for more than 6,500 bridge and road safety, transportation and public transit improvement projects currently underway throughout California. If it passes, construction will come to a grinding halt in cities and counties, wasting money and making road conditions even worse.
IMG_6677-smaller.jpgLeague Executive Director Carolyn Coleman stressed the fact that bad road conditions affect everyone. “Since the beginning of this campaign, I’ve said — there are no partisan potholes. No Democratic potholes, No Republican potholes. Only dangerous potholes. Prop. 6 is bad for our cities and for our citizens,” said Coleman.
She also emphasized that the measure puts public safety at risk. Prop. 6 would eliminate funding for thousands of projects in cities across California, fixing potholes and repaving our crumbling, unsafe roads,” said Coleman. “Prop. 6 is a public safety threat, and that’s why I strongly urge all Californians to vote ‘no’ on Prop. 6.” 
“Prop. 6 would jeopardize more than $1 billion over the next 10 years dedicated to the Sacramento region, eliminating hundreds of important road repairs and safety projects already underway,” said Eric Guerra, council member, City of Sacramento. “Under Prop. 6, these critical projects will end, our congestion will get worse, our roads will further deteriorate, and bridges and roads will become less safe.” IMG_6681-smaller.jpg
Coleman and Guerra were joined at the podium by other speakers representing the No on Prop. 6 coalition that comprises a broad coalition of more than 300 public safety organizations, engineers, local transportation agencies, cities, counties, environmental groups, business and labor organizations throughout California.

These speakers included:
  • Brian Rice, president, California Professional Firefighters;
  • Joe Mejia, director, California State Council of Laborers; and
  • Oscar Villegas, supervisor, Yolo County.
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