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Prop. 6 Will Eliminate $460 Million in Local Transportation Funding for the Chico/Redding Region

Dangerous Measure Jeopardizes 300 Road and Safety Projects

September 25, 2018
Chico area firefighters and local government leaders joined construction workers, activists and business leaders to oppose Proposition 6, the attack on bridge and road safety.
The Sept. 25 event at the Knife River Construction Company in Chico was the latest in a series of press conferences being held throughout the state to voice strong opposition to Prop. 6.
In the north state Chico/Redding area alone, Prop. 6 would mean the loss of $460 million in existing transportation funding that is being invested in bridge and road safety projects. Projects currently underway in the area include:
  • Repairing and resurfacing 40.5 miles of county roads in Modoc County;
  • Resurfacing more than 22 miles of I-5 near Red Bluff;
  • Pavement preservation project improving 21 miles of SR 299 near the town of Shasta; and
  • Resurfacing 19.7 miles on SR 299 in Redding.
20180925_110522-(1).jpgChico Council Member Randall Stone has a professional background in finance and warned of the risk that Prop. 6 poses to his community.

“Our area has experienced more than its share of devastating disasters in the past few years, so we also know how important it is to have a safe infrastructure during times of emergency. We need quality roads to safely evacuate residents and we need to make sure our bridges can withstand the pressures of fires and floods so that we aren’t cut off from services or stranded during disasters,” said Stone.
Jeff Brunson, a Chico firefighter, stressed the fact that first responders rely on sound roads to save lives. Fire professionals are not able fight a blazing wildfire or respond to a crisis if our roads and bridges can’t get us to the emergency, and evacuees rely on safe roads and bridges if wildfires do occur.
“Prop. 6 is a reckless step backward that turns back the clock on road and bridge safety, as well as public safety. That’s why firefighters stand united with local governments, engineers, and in asking voters to please protect public safety and VOTE NO on Prop. 6,” said Brunson. 
Other speakers at the event included:
  • Kiana Valentine, legislative representative, California State Association of Counties;
  • Orville Thomas, director of government affairs, California Alliance for Jobs;
  • Michael Brady, systems change advocate, Disability Action Center Chico; and
  • Rene Vercruyssen, Knife River Construction.
Prop. 6 eliminates more than $5 billion annually in existing transportation funds and stops funding for more than 6,500 bridge and road safety, transportation and public transit improvement projects currently underway throughout California.
Prop 6 is opposed by a broad coalition of more than 450 public safety organizations, engineers, local transportation agencies, cities, counties, environmental groups, business and labor organizations throughout California.
Paid for by No on Prop 6: Stop the Attack on Bridge & Road Safety, sponsored by business, labor, local governments and transportation advocates
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