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How Have Bad Roads Impacted You?

Tell Your Story and Help Stop the Attack on Bridge and Road Safety

September 20, 2018
Do you have a bad road story you would like to share to help the fight against Proposition 6? 
We want to know how the outdated roads and bridges you travel on daily have impacted you.
Proponents of Prop. 6 will have you believe that we don't need this road funding — but our local commutes tell us otherwise.
It’s easy to share your examples of how bad roads, potholes and unsafe bridges have caused accidents in your cities, damaged your cars and lengthened your drives. Just submit your stories to this portal to share information about your bad road experiences. 
These stories will help the broad coalition defeat Prop. 6, which will eliminate more than $5 billion annually in existing transportation funds.
Share your story now and help us STOP the Attack on Bridge and Road Safety.


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