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League of California Cities
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Major No on Prop. 6 Rally in LA Brings Together Mayor Garcetti, Firefighters, Highway Patrolmen, Local Government, Labor, Business and Transportation Groups

October 30, 2018
With exactly one week until Election Day, hundreds of opponents of Proposition 6, the attack on bridge and road safety, rallied in at the Metro Red Line North Hollywood Station. 
IMG_8029.jpegThe Oct. 30 event put another spotlight on the fact that by eliminating $5 billion of existing transportation funds annually, Prop. 6 would jeopardize road safety.
Watch the livestream from the No on Prop. 6 Facebook feed for a first-hand view of the rally.
The dangerous measure would eliminate funding for 6,500 projects that are already underway in every corner of California, fixing potholes and repaving crumbling roads.

California has over 1,600 structurally deficient and unsafe bridges and overpasses. Prop. 6 would take away funding for 554 bridge and overpass replacements throughout the state.

California is seismically unstable and natural disasters occur here regularly. Every second counts when first responders are saving lives and structures when disaster strikes.
The lineup of the speakers in LA included:
  • Eric Garcetti, mayor, Los Angeles;
  • Paul Krekorian, council member, Los Angeles;
  • Carolyn Coleman, executive director, League of California Cities;
  • Brian Rice, president, California Professional Firefighters;
  • Skip Carter, former deputy commissioner, California Highway Patrol;
  • Robbie Hunter, president, State Building and Construction Trades Council of California;
  • Maria Salinas, president and CEO, Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce; and
  • Stuart Waldman, president, Valley Industry Commerce Association.
Prop. 6 is opposed by a broad coalition of more than 600 public safety organizations, engineers, local transportation agencies, cities, counties, environmental groups, business and labor organizations throughout California.
Paid for by No on Prop 6: Stop the Attack on Bridge & Road Safety, sponsored by business, labor, local governments and transportation advocates
Committee Major Funding from
California Alliance for Jobs
State Building and Construction Trades Council of California
Laborers Pacific Southwest Regional Organizing Coalition
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