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Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti Opposes Prop. 6

October 4, 2018
On Oct. 3, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti joined engineers, first responders, public safety officers, construction workers and business groups to voice strong opposition to Prop. 6, the attack on bridge and road safety.
“Thanks to the voters of LA County who approved Measure M, we're on the cusp of finally connecting LAX to rail. Prop 6 would undo those plans,” said Mayor Garcetti. “I'm urging everyone I meet to vote no on Prop 6 because it would cripple 900 LA County projects to ease congestion, fix local roads and improve safety and would put 68,000 Californians out of work. It's a no brainer.”
Throughout Los Angeles County, Prop. 6 would eliminate hundreds of projects, including:
  • Repaving 205 miles of Highway 1 from the Los Angeles/Orange County line to the City of Redondo Beach, along Pacific Coast Highway, Topaz Street, and Dewey Street;
  • 112 miles of pavement improvements and repairs to guardrails and signage on I-5;
  • 104 miles of pavement improvements on I-605 from the Los Angeles/Orange County line to Telegraph Road;
  • Pavement preservation project on 48 lane miles and improve ramps on I-10 from the San Bernardino/Los Angeles County line to I-10/I-15 Separation in San Bernardino County;
  • Resurfacing more than five miles of onramps and offramps along SR 91 near Buena Park; and
  • Resurfacing nearly seven miles of I-5 between I-605 and Washington Blvd. in the Los Angeles area
Prop. 6 eliminates more than $5 billion annually in existing transportation funds and stops funding for more than 6,500 bridge and road safety, transportation and public transit improvement projects currently underway throughout California.
Prop 6 is opposed by a broad coalition of more than 500 public safety organizations, engineers, local transportation agencies, cities, counties, environmental groups, business and labor organizations throughout California.
Paid for by No on Prop. 6: Stop the Attack on Bridge & Road Safety, sponsored by business, labor, local governments and transportation advocates Committee Major Funding from California Alliance for Jobs State Building and Construction Trades Council of California Laborers Pacific Southwest Regional Organizing Coalition Funding details at www.fppc.ca.gov

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