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SB 1 Funding is Enabling Cities, Counties and the State to Improve Roads

May 23, 2018
Events on May 23 in Calexico and Fresno and May 24 in Bakersfield put a spotlight on some of the major projects that are underway to make California’s streets, roads, highways and bridges safer for all users. 
The events follow similar press conferences in San Leandro on May 21, San Diego and Los Angeles on May 18 and Rancho Cordova on May 14.
Speakers at the press conferences emphasized how these funds will be used to rehabilitate, repair and maintain local streets and roads, make critical, life-saving safety improvements, ease traffic congestion, fill potholes, improve sidewalks, add bike lanes and make seismic safety improvements to bridges, overpasses, and culverts.

Bakersfield: May 24
SB 1 supporters held the seventh press conference in Bakersfield at the SR 99/SR 58 Stockdale Highway interchange.
Vice-Mayor-Smith-cropped.jpgBakersfield Vice Mayor Bob Smith said that cities in the region will be able to make investments that will improve their roads.

“SB 1 projects are improving safety for our drivers, modernizing and expanding our public transit options and bringing jobs to our communities. Like other cities throughout the state, the city of Bakersfield is putting our local share to good use fixing our local streets and roads, filling potholes, making roads safer and less congested.”
Bakersfield Council Member Andrae Gonzales followed the mayor and shared why SB 1 funding is so important. “As a city council member, this funding is critical. Statewide there is a backlog of maintenance needs on local streets and roads of more than $70 billion. More than half of all new SB 1 revenues go directly to cities and counties to make local improvements. This funding will go a long way in Bakersfield.” Council-Member-Gonzales-(1).jpg
Other speakers in Bakersfield included:
  • Leticia Perez, supervisor, Kern County Board of Supervisors;
  • Sam Samra, assistant chief, California Highway Patrol;
  • Jose Mejia, director, California State Council of Laborers;
  • John Spaulding, executive secretary, Building & Construction Trades Council for Kern, Inyo and Mono counties; and
Calexico: May 23, 2018
IMG_4587.JPGThe Calexico Chamber of Commerce served as the site of the SB 1 press conference in Imperial County on Wednesday morning. The event coincided with the groundbreaking on the SR 98/SR 111 pavement project.
Calexico Mayor Maritza Hurdado told reporters that her city is the site of the first SB 1 funded project in Imperial County and what this means for the entire region. “This means we will start making real progress on the backlog of deferred maintenance and other improvements that have been waiting far too long because we didn’t have a steady stream of funding needed to get the job done,” said Mayor Hurdado.
California cities were also represented in Imperial County by El Centro Mayor Cheryl Viegas-Walker, who is also a member of the League of California Cities® Board of Directors and is past president of the Southern California Association of Governments. “SB 1 gives cities an opportunity to catch up on years of unfunded maintenance needs that have plagued our roadways and cost drivers for years. Every driver will benefit,” said Mayor Viegas-Walker.
Other speakers in Calexico included:
  • Ann Fox, deputy district director, Caltrans District 11;
  • Mark Baza, executive director, Imperial County Transportation Commission;
  • John Renison, supervisor, Imperial County Board of Supervisors
  • Stella Jimenez, district director, Office of Assembly Member Eduardo Garcia (D-Coachella);
  • Eduardo Rivera, executive team member, Calexico Chamber of Commerce; and
  • Daniel Hesser, lieutenant, California Highway Patrol.
 Fresno: May 23, 2018
Just an hour after the press conference wrapped up in Calexico, SB 1 champions gathered in Fresno to discuss a number of SB 1 funded projects in the region including the repaving of a section of SR 99 in Fresno, the resurfacing of sections of SR 168 near Clovis and 28 bridge projects in Fresno County.
Esmeralda-Soria-2.jpgFresno Council Member Esmeralda Soria spoke on behalf of cities and stressed that cities are using SB 1 funds to fix streets and roads, fill potholes, increase safety and decrease congestion on the roads. She also discussed how these investments are benefiting the Fresno region. “For the first time in a long time, local cities like Fresno, Clovis, Mendota and our neighbors along the Highway 99 corridor can address the transportation projects in their local communities that will have the greatest impact on their residents.”
Other speakers in Fresno included:
  • Ryan Chamberlain, chief deputy director, Caltrans;
  • Sal Quintero, supervisor, Fresno County Board of Supervisors;
  • Jesus Holguin, division chief, California Highway Patrol;
  • Jose Mejia, director, California State Council of Laborers;
  • Tony Boren, executive director, Fresno Council of Governments; and
  • Orville Thomas, director, government affairs, California Alliance for Jobs.

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