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Press Conference in Rancho Cordova Puts Spotlight on SB 1 Funded Projects in Sacramento Region

May 14, 2018
Adjacent to where work is beginning this week to repave 59 miles of U.S. Highway 50, Rancho Cordova Council Member David Sander and Sacramento Council Member Eric Guerra joined representatives from the Fix Our Roads Coalition, including Sacramento County, Caltrans, the Sacramento Department of Transportation and labor, to talk with reporters about critical transportation investments being funded through SB 1.
The May 14 press conference in Rancho Cordova was the first in a series happening throughout the state in the coming weeks.SB-1-Sac-Presser-5-14-18-for-body.jpg
SB 1 generates $5.2 billion annually for California’s state and local transportation system with cities and counties receiving $1.5 each year to fix local streets and roads. On May 1, cities and counties submitted their annual SB 1 project lists to the California Transportation Commission in order to become eligible to receive SB 1 funding for the upcoming fiscal year.
Council Member Sander, who also serves as vice chair of the Sacramento Area Council of Governments, stressed the immense value of transportation investments that make California roads safer, smoother and less congested.
“Since the passage of SB 1, cities, counties and Caltrans have been busy at work making sure these funds are put to immediate and responsible use. California’s cities and counties are moving forward with more than 4,000 local transportation improvement projects including road safety improvements, filling potholes, make seismic safety improvements to bridges and overpasses, and repairing local streets and freeways,” said Council Member Sander.
Sacramento Council Member Eric Guerra, who also serves on the League of California Cities Board of Directors, shared information on how the City of Sacramento is using SB 1 revenues.
“SB 1 is helping us make safety improvements and repave and resurface some of our major thoroughfares like Natomas Blvd., J Street, Folsom Blvd., Mack Road, C Street and neighborhoods in Curtis Park to Sundance Lake. These projects are already benefitting the residents of our city, and we’re proud of the progress we’re making. SB 1 projects are improving safety for our drivers, modernizing and expanding our public transit options and bringing jobs to our communities,” said Council Member Guerra.
Caltrans is scheduled to start construction on 13 SB 1 projects in the Sacramento region including a $9.5 million pavement project that will repave 59 lane miles of U.S. Highway 50 from the El Dorado/Sacramento County line to west of Sunrise Boulevard in Sacramento County.
Other speakers at the press conference included:
  • Laurie Berman, director, Caltrans;
  • Henry Li, general manager/CEO, Sacramento Regional Transit District;
  • Amanda Blackwood, president and CEO, Sacramento Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce;
  • Jose Mejia, director, California State Council of Laborers;
  • Don Notolli, supervisor, Sacramento County;
  • Steve Dowling, assistant chief, Valley Division of the California Highway Patrol; and
  • Robbie Hunter, president, State Building and Construction Trades Council of California.

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