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Bill that Threatens Fiscal Stability of Cities in JPAs among those Headed for Floor Vote this Week

Numerous Bills Pass from the Suspense File to the Floor

May 29, 2018
The Legislature is only holding floor sessions this week that will determine the fate of bills moving out of their house of origin by June 1. 
​On Friday May 25, the Senate and Assembly Appropriations committees concluded work on hundreds of bills pending on their Suspense Files. In scripted hearings, the committee chairs revealed the fates of bills in rapid-fire: they either were passed, passed with amendments, or held in committee. The outcomes of these committees went much as expected, with many bills being held.
Among the many bills taken up were several important ones for cities including AB 1912, which retroactively expands liabilities for pension costs of employees of joint-powers agencies, passed off suspense will be debated on the floor the week of May 28. Action was deferred on SCA 20 (Glazer), which proposes to enact a phased-in shift of local Bradley Burns sales taxes derived from online sales to point of destination where the customer receives the product, because Constitutional Amendments are exempt from normal bill deadlines.
Several bills of interest to cities were held that reflected the opposition of Governor Brown if they later reached his desk. AB 3037 (Chu), was an effort to establish parameters for reestablishing a more fiscally robust form of redevelopment authority in anticipation of discussions with a new Administration next year. AB 2268 (Reyes) and AB 2491 (Cooley) were part of a continuing effort by the League to restore funding for annexing cities and future incorporations that were eliminated by the passage of SB 89 of 2011.  Governor Brown has been resistant to fixes in this policy area, but last year agreed to a measure to address four recently incorporated cities which had been also harmed by the passage of SB 89. These efforts will be revisited with the next Governor.
All bills that have passed off the suspense file will head to the floor and must be voted on before the Legislature goes on its summer break on Friday, July 6. Cities are encouraged to send in letters of support and opposition on the League’s remaining bills as they move to the floor.
Senate and Assembly Appropriations Committee Actions
Below is a complete listing of all bills on which the League has adopted a position that were pending this week on either the Senate or Assembly Suspense Files.
Senate Appropriations
  • SB 919 (Dodd) Water resources: stream gages — Pass
  • HOT SB 834 (Jackson) State lands: leasing: oil and gas — Pass
  • HOT SB 833 (McGuire) Emergency alerts: evacuation orders: operators —Pass
  • SB 1343 (Mitchell) Employers: sexual harassment training: requirements — Pass
  • SB 1413 (Nielsen) Public Employees’ retirement: pension prefunding — Pass
  • SB 966 (Wiener) Onsite treated nonpotable water systems — Pass
  • SB 1399 (Wiener) Renewable energy: shared renewable energy tariffs — Held
  • SB 831 (Wieckowski) Land use: accessory dwelling units — Pass
  • SB 1038 (Leyva) California Fair Employment and Housing Act: violations: personal liability — Pass
  • SB 1300 (Jackson) Unlawful employment practices: discrimination and harassment — Pass
  • SB 1469 (Skinner) Land use: accessory dwelling units — Held
Oppose unless amended
  •  SB 937 (Wiener) Lactation accommodation — Pass
Assembly Appropriations
  • HOT AB 1775 (Muratsuchi) State lands: leasing: oil and gas — Pass
  • AB 1804 (Berman) CEQA: categorical exemption: infill development — Pass
  • AB 1959 (Wood) Telecommunications: universal service programs — Pass
  • AB 1968 (Low) Mental health: firearms — Pass
  • AB 1979 (Bonta) Personal income taxes: homeownership savings accounts — Held
  • HOT AB 2268 (Reyes) Annexation finance: restoration of lost revenue — Held
  • AB 2283 (Holden) Income taxes: exclusion: turf removal water conservation program — Held
  • AB 2363 (Friedman) Vision Zero Task Force — Pass
  • AB 2415 (Calderon) PERS: officers and directors: appointment and compensation — Pass
  • AB 2418 (Mullin) Transportation: California Smart Cities Challenge Grant Program — Held
  • AB 2491 (Cooley) Local government finance: vehicle license fee adjustment amounts — Held
  • AB 2538 (Rubio) Municipal separate storm sewer systems: pilot project — Pass
  • AB 2749 (Bonta) State agencies: state entities: Internet Web site accessibility: standards — Pass
  • HOT AB 2812 (Limón) Data storage and protection standards: local agencies — Held
Support in Concept
  • AB 3087 (Karla)California Health Care Cost, Quality, and Equity Commission — Held
  • HOT AB 1912 (Rodriguez) Public employees’ retirement: joint powers agreements: liability — Pass
  • AB 2069 (Bonta) Medicinal cannabis: employment discrimination — Held
  • AB 2366 (Bonta) Employment: victims of sexual harassment: protections — Held
  • AB 2841 (Gonzalez Fletcher) Sick leave: accrual and use — Held
  • AB 2890 (Ting) Land use: accessory dwelling units — Pass
  • AB 2923 (Chiu) San Francisco BART District: transit-oriented development — Pass
  • AB 2946 (Kalra) Division of Labor Standards Enforcement: complaint — Pass
  • AB 3081 (Gonzalez Fletcher) Employment: sexual harassment — Pass
  • AB 3147 (Caballero) Fee mitigation act: housing developments — Held
Oppose Unless Amended
  •  AB 1870 (Reyes) Employment discrimination: unlawful employment practices — Pass
  • AB 1734 (Calderon) Income taxes: motion Pictures — Pass
  • AB 1793 (Bonta) Cannabis convictions: resentencing — Pass
  • AB 1867 (Reyes) Employment discrimination: sexual harassment: records — Pass
  • AB 2063 (Aguiar-Curry) California Financing Law: PACE program administrators — Pass
  • AB 2065 (Ting) Local agencies: surplus lands — Held
  • AB 3157 (Lackey) Taxation: cannabis — Held
  • SB 930 (Hertzberg) Financial institutions: cannabis — Pass
  • SB 1087 (Roth) PACE program: program administrators — Pass
  • SB 1088 (Dodd) Safety, reliability, and resiliency planning — Pass
  • SB 1186 (Hill) Law enforcement agencies: surveillance: policies — Pass
  • SB 1421 (Skinner) Peace officers: release of records — Pass
  • AB 3037 (Chiu) Community Redevelopment Law of 2018 – Held
  • AB 3061 (Gloria) Massage Establishment Owners: registration — Pass

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