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Powering Up: League Adopts Three-Year Strategic Plan

Focus Moves from Planning to Action

July 2, 2018
To chart a course that will build on the League’s current success, guide our future growth, and take the impact and value we deliver to California’s cities to even greater levels, the League is powering up for California cities with a three-year strategic plan.
The organization’s board of directors approved the plan unanimously at its summer board meeting last week. 

The plan is the product of a nine-month planning process that was led by a Strategic Planning Task Force composed of a diverse mix of League members and staff and facilitated by 2B Communications, a consulting firm with extensive experience working with associations and nonprofits. 
We surveyed and interviewed and listened to League leaders and members, staff, conference sponsors and League partners and conducted a top to bottom review of the League operations.  The feedback and findings served the basis of the goals and strategies in the plan that will help the League fulfill our mission and address the challenges facing the municipalities we serve. 

The plan is designed to achieve relevance with our members by adhering to the League’s core beliefs: 
  • Local self-governance is the cornerstone of democracy.
  • Our strength lies in the unity of our diverse communities of interest.
  • In the involvement of all stakeholders in establishing goals and solving problems.
  • In conducting the business of government with openness, transparency, respect and civility.
  • The spirit of honest public service is what builds communities.
  • Open decision-making that is of the highest ethical standards honors the public trust.
  • The vitality of cities is dependent on their fiscal stability and local autonomy.
  • The active participation of all city officials increases the League’s effectiveness.
  • Partnerships and collaborations are essential elements of focused advocacy and lobbying.
  • Ethical and well-informed city officials are essential for responsive, visionary leadership and effective and efficient city operations.
The plan features six clear, powerful goals that will guide our actions and ensure progress in the years ahead:  
  • Goal 1: ADVOCACY. Strengthen California cities through proactive advocacy on common priority issues.
  • Goal 2: EDUCATION AND TRAINING. Increase the capacity of city officials and staff in California to provide the highest level of service to their communities.
  • Goal 3: MEMBERSHIP. Maintain high relevance and facilitate meaningful member engagement.
  • Goal 4: VISIBILITY. Raise the League’s visibility as the preeminent voice for cities in California.
  • Goal 5: GOVERNANCE. Enhance the League’s governance to achieve even higher levels of engagement and effectiveness.
  • Goal 6: ORGANIZATIONAL EFFECTIVENESS. Expand the League’s organizational capacity to fulfill its mission and implement its strategic priorities.     
“This three-year strategic plan is designed to help chart our course as we move forward. However, an approved plan with clear, powerful goals is just the beginning.  Our focus now shifts to implementing the plan with bold actions.  We look forward to the months and years ahead as we take steps towards achieving these goals that I’m confident will deliver even greater value to cities across the state,” said Carolyn Coleman, League executive director.   

Be sure to join League leadership and task force members at the League’s Annual Conference and Expo, Sept. 12-14, in Long Beach, to learn more about the plan and the vital role for our members in Powering up for California cities.

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