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Apply to Serve on the Mayors and Council Members Department Executive Committee

Aug. 10 is Deadline to Apply

July 25, 2018
The League’s Mayors and Council Members Department is now seeking applicants for its Executive Committee.
These are one-year terms that then move up through the positions to succeed into the department’s president position. This year, the department is accepting applicants for the first vice president position (North), the second vice president position (South) and the League Board of Director position (North).
The Nominating Committee will use the following information as a basis for selection:
  • The individual’s professional reputation;
  • The individual’s perspective on city service;
  • Whether the individual has demonstrated a commitment to serving and strengthening the department;
  • The individual’s depth of knowledge and experience with city government; and
  • The individual’s involvement in intergovernmental activities.  
Application and Selection Process 
The Nominating Committee, which has been appointed by the current Executive Committee, will review the applications.
The proposed 2018–19 Executive Committee slate will be presented for vote at the Annual Conference in Long Beach in September.
Nominations for the vacancies will also be open from the floor during the department’s business meeting at the Annual Conference.
Aug. 10 is the deadline to submit an application. Applications should be sent via email to Meghan McKelvey or via fax to (916) 658-8240.
Please contact Meghan at (916) 658-8253 with questions or to confirm receipt of your application.

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