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Get Out the Vote: CalPERS Board Election for Public Employee Representative Began Sept. 1

Candidate Responses to League Questionnaire Can Help Inform Your Decision

August 31, 2018
In early September, your 2018 CalPERS Board of Administration Public Agency Board Member election ballot package will arrive in your mailbox in a bright blue envelope. 
The public agency board member represents all active workers representing cities, counties, special districts and the like on critical issues that have direct impacts not only on your city's operations and budgets, but to your own personal retirement security.
As contributions to CalPERS continue rise and services are being reduced, it is vitally important that eligible CalPERS members engage at all levels — that CalPERS members make their voices heard by voting in this year’s Public Agency Board Member election.
Voter turnout in 2014, the last election for this specific seat, was extremely low. Just 6.8 percent of all eligible voters cast a ballot. As department leaders and city staff, this election is your opportunity to exercise your civic duty and help select the CalPERS Board member who will make important decisions about your benefits.

The CalPERS Board Elections webpage has additional information about the election and term of office.
Meet the Candidates
The League in the past several years has significantly increased member awareness, outreach and education efforts on CalPERS related issues.
In August, the League requested that the two candidates for the public employee board position respond to a questionnaire that addresses the most significant issues for elected city officials and city staff. The responses, which include a personal statement and answers to the League’s questions, give insight into the candidate’s perspectives and the League is sharing them to help CalPERS public employees make an informed decision this election.
Each candidate’s name below is linked to their response.
The candidates are: Voter Eligibility
All actively employed public agency (city, county and special district) employees enrolled in the CalPERS retirement system are eligible to vote.
How to Vote
You can vote online or by phone, from your computer, tablet, smartphone, or landline. These options can mean voting in seconds from anywhere.
Vote online through the CalPERS 2018 Public Agency Member Election portal.
Note: The paper ballot you receive in the mail contains your unique personal identification number. This PIN is required to vote online or by phone.
To vote by mail, use the paper ballot in the provided blue envelope, place the completed ballot in the postage-paid return envelope, and send it via U.S. Mail.  
Voting Deadline
The election began in September. Oct. 1 is the deadline to submit your vote online or by phone. Paper ballots must also be received by Oct. 1 to be counted.

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