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SB 827 Amendments Don’t Solve the Bill’s Problems

Tell the Senate Transportation and Housing Bill Why SB 827 Silences Local Democracy

April 11, 2018
Although Sen. Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco) amended his SB 827 before it goes to its first committee hearing on April 17, the bill is still bad for cities. 
Cities should contact members of the Senate Transportation and Housing Committee immediately before it hears the bill on Tuesday, April 17.
SB 827 remains a bill that puts developers above local planning and community input and will not spur the development of much-needed affordable housing units. Sen. Wiener’s bill would essentially rezone all land within a one-half mile radius of transit stops to accommodate buildings up to 55 feet in height. Within these areas, developers would be given the power to dictate building heights, exempt themselves from parking requirements and override community plans.
Local Voices Needed in First Committee Hearing
Cities should mark Tuesday, April 17 in their calendars. That is when the Senate Transportation and Housing Committee will hear SB 827. The League wants as many city voices as possible to testify in opposition to the bill.
Prior to the hearing, cities should call the committee to express why this bill is bad for their communities and send the committee an opposition letter.
The League has created an updated sample opposition letter cities can use. The letter, along with the League’s opposition letter can be found at by plugging SB 827 into the search function.

Cities can also be sent via the League's Action Center

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