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League Los Angeles County Division President Urges Yes on Props. 68, 69 and 72

Reprinted from the Los Angeles County Division’s April Newsletter

April 5, 2018
Four years ago — in what were inarguably simpler times — the turnout for California’s primary statewide election dropped to just 18 percent, nearly the lowest point in California’s history. 
Today, just nine weeks before another statewide election, politics have become much more polarizing. I certainly hope that wave of activism will translate into higher turnout at the polls, because in addition to the many candidates on the June ballot there are also five statewide propositions including three that have been supported by the League: Proposition 68, Prop. 69, and Prop. 72.
Details on the June measures can be found at www.cacities.org/2018ballotmeasures, but quickly: Prop. 68 is a $4 billion water and park bond that will help cities provide clean water and safe parks; Prop. 69 will ensure that the Legislature can’t divert SB 1 transportation dollars from their intended purpose; and Prop. 72 allows property owners to add a rainwater capture systems without having to have it impact their property taxes.
The League will continue to be an advocate and organizer for issues that affect local government, but as members we must also do our part and support CitiPAC, the League’s political action committee. The five propositions on the June ballot will be relatively easy to comb through compared to the 40+ that are currently vying for a spot on the November ballot, a number of which would be extremely problematic for local governments.
I encourage everyone to use their voice and their knowledge of these issues to educate others. This will be a long election year, but we have the tools and the ability to change minds if we work together.
Los Angeles County Division President Miguel Canales, council member, City of Artesia

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