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Ballot Measure Advocacy and CitiPAC

April 27, 2018
This is a crucial election year for cities.
Both the June and November ballots will include several initiatives with the potential to severely impact California cities. The League of California Cities® will engage and support and oppose these measures.
In June, the League is supporting Proposition 68, the California Clean Water and Safe Parks Act that would invest $4 billion to address the state’s most important water, park, and natural resource needs. The League is also supporting Prop. 69, a measure to protect local transportation funding from being diverted to other uses. Prop. 72 is the final League-supported measure on the June ballot. It would exclude rainwater capture systems from property tax reassessments.
In November, the League and its coalition partners are gearing up to oppose two measures that would be devastating for California cities. Signatures have been filed for a measure that would repeal the SB 1 transportation infrastructure funding package passed by the Legislature in 2017 eliminating $5.2 billion in annual funding for transportation and transit projects. 
Perhaps even more concerning is a measure being circulated by the California Business Roundtable and funded by the American Beverage Association that would require a two-thirds vote of both the city council and the city electorate to pass any local tax or fee increases. This measure would effectively eliminate the ability of local governments to pay for vital services and projects moving forward. In addition to opposing these two measures, the League is supporting the passage of the SB 3 Housing Bond, which is also slated for the November ballot.
The League only uses nonpublic funds for its ballot measure advocacy. One way the League raises resources to advocate on ballot measures is through its political action committee (PAC), CitiPAC. Unlike candidate PAC’s, CitiPAC funds can only be used to advocate on statewide ballot measures. The funds are never used to support candidates for office.
CitiPAC funds are raised through individual contributions from city officials and employees as well as through sponsorships of events throughout the year. 
The most direct way that city officials, staff and others can support CitiPAC and the League’s advocacy efforts is through a personal financial contribution. These funds will be used to pay for things such as signature gathering, mass media and communications, campaign consultants and voter engagement.
For more detailed information about the measures that the League is weighing in on and to make a contribution, please visit www.citipac.org.

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