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SB 1 Checklist Offers Clear Steps to Become Eligible for Funds

Deadline to Apply is Oct. 16

September 21, 2017
The League prepared an easy to use checklist for cities to help guide them through the process to become eligible for SB 1 funds.
The first step is to submit a project list to the California Transportation Committee (CTC) by Oct. 16.

Last week, Gov. Jerry Brown signed AB 135, which grants cities new authority to help them expedite SB 1 projects and project list adoption. The League has created this “SB 1 Checklist” to help ensure that cities receives funding and to promote the positive impact these projects will have on your community. SB 1 funding is desperately needed in many communities and the League is committed to ensuring that all cities will be able to receive SB 1 funding and spend it quickly to begin fixing our roads.
SB 1 Checklist    
  • Submit your SB 1 project lists to CTC by Oct. 16, 2017.
    • Email project lists to ctc@dot.ca.gov.
    • CTC’s 2017 local streets and roads funding annual reporting guidelines are available online.  
    • Please note: The CTC does not “approve” or “deny” project lists, they simply gather all of the cities project lists. Please make sure to submit a project list to the CTC by the deadline to establish eligibility for funding. 
  • Use the CTC’s project list template to submit your project lists. Here is a link to the form for your convenience: Local Streets and Roads Proposed Project List Template. It is also available on the CTC’s website.
    • Make sure to include supporting documents that show the project list is adopted by resolution at a public meeting.
    • Each project listed must include the following statutorily required information:
  1. a description and the location of each proposed project;
  2. a proposed schedule for the project’s completion; and
  3. an estimated useful life of the improvement. 
  • Send a copy of your finalized project list to the League’s Legislative Policy Analyst, Derek Dolfie
  • Reach out to your local print media with press releases on your project list.
    • League’s SB 1 press tool kit with sample press releases, op-eds, tweets, and more are available on the League’s website.
    • Post, tweet, and share the benefit that SB 1 dollars will have in your community based on your project list. 
  • Confirm your city’s maintenance of effort numbers. On Aug.31, the State Controller’s Office (SCO) sent letters to cities with their official MOE estimates. The letter includes contact information for the SCO if you have questions about the calculation.
    • Frequently asked questions about city MOE’s can be found on CaliforniaCityFinance.com.
    • Questions regarding your MOE number or calculation can be directed to SCO.  
    • Allow reimbursement to expedite project delivery by giving cities the express authority to spend other funds now and reimburse themselves once SB 1 funds start to flow.
    • Flexibility in project list adoption by allowing cities to adopt a project list at a regularly scheduled public hearing instead of in an adopted budget.
    • Establish a grace period of 90 days for your project list submittal.
    • Have complete fiscal year expenditure reporting by allowing cities to report on the expenditure of all SB 1 local streets and roads funds in a given fiscal year instead of just completed projects.
    • More details on this trailer bill can be found in the CA Cities Advocate article “League and CSAC Seek SB 1 Clean-Up Legislation to Expedite Transportation Projects.” 
  • Review the League’s transportation funding page for more information. 
If you have questions regarding the submission of your city’s project list, please contact the League’s Legislative Policy Analyst, Derek Dolfie.

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