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SB 1 Project List Submission FAQ’s

October 6, 2017
The League has drafted an easy to use FAQ on the steps cities must take to submit their SB 1 project lists.
These FAQ’s will serve as guide for cities to navigate submitting their project lists and answer lingering questions regarding SB 1 project list reporting implementation.

When is the SB 1 project list due?
All cities must submit their SB 1 project lists to the California Transportation Commission (CTC) by Monday, Oct. 16, 2017.
How do I submit my SB 1 project list?
  1. Email your SB 1 project list and adopted resolution to the CTC and send a copy to League Legislative Policy Analyst Derek Dolfie.
  2. Project lists must be in the CTC’s project list template Excel document (not as a PDF). The project list template is available for download on the CTC’s website.
  3. A signed copy of the adopted city resolution of the project list OR the resolution and minutes showing that the resolution was adopted must also be submitted. 
If I have a question on the project list reporting process, where can I find more information?
The CTC created the 2017 Local Streets and Roads Funding Annual Reporting Guidelines, which detail instructions cities need to take to submit their projects and associated requirements.
I have a list of projects, do I need to include more information in the project list?
Each project listed must include the following statutorily required information:
  • A description and the location of each proposed project;
  • Proposed schedule for the project’s completion; and
  • The estimated useful life of the improvement. 
Do I need to take something to my city council?
Yes, all cities MUST ADOPT their project lists via resolution at a regularly scheduled public meeting.
What if my city cannot bring the resolution before our city council until after Oct. 16?
  • If your city council is unable to adopt the SB 1 project list resolution by Oct. 16, the city still needs to submit its SB 1 project list template to the CTC by the deadline.
  • Send your city’s SB 1 project list resolution to the CTC as soon as possible. 
I remember something about adopting my SB 1 project list into my budget, is that still relevant?
SB 1’s original language stated that cities had to adopt their SB 1 project lists into an adopted city budget. Due to a change in statute through trailer bill AB 135, cities no longer have to go through the budget process to adopt their project lists. Cities only need to adopt their project lists via resolution.
What if my city already adopted its project list into the budget? Will the CTC accept it?
Yes, the CTC has said that it will allow cities to submit their project lists to them as a part of an adopted budget instead of a resolution to honor the original language of the bill.
Ok, I have completed the SB 1 project list template, what next?
  1. The League has created an SB 1 press tool kit for cities to promote the benefits for SB 1 in local communities. Reach out to your local print media with press releases on your project list.
  2. Sample press releases, op-eds, tweets, and more can be found on the League’s website.
  3. Post, tweet, and share the benefit SB 1 dollars will have in your city based on project list. 
How do I know what my city’s maintenance of effort number is?
The State Controller’s Office (SCO) mailed each city their official SB 1 MOE estimates on Aug. 31. If your city has not received its MOE calculation, you should contact the SCO directly at (916) 445-8717.
I have a question about my city’s maintenance of effort calculation, where can I find more information?
  • The SCO has released an FAQ about the MOE on their website.
  • The League has also created its own MOE FAQ.
  • If you have any additional questions on the MOE, please follow up with the SCO directly. 
Where can I find SB 1 funding estimates for my city?
The League has created SB 1 funding estimates for all cities for FY’s 2017–18 and FY 2018–19.
Where can I find more information about SB 1 and transportation funding in general?
Please visit the League’s transportation funding page for more information on all things SB 1.

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