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League of California Cities
Home > News > News Articles > 2017 > May > Senate Energy, Utilities and Communications Committee Holds Hearing on 100 Percent Clean Energy Bill
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Senate Energy, Utilities and Communications Committee Holds Hearing on 100 Percent Clean Energy Bill

SB 100 Sets State Target for Renewable Energy to 100 Percent by 2045

May 12, 2017
Senate President pro Tem Kevin de León’s (D-Los Angeles) proposal to have California reliant on 100 percent clean energy by 2045 cleared its first policy committee hearing a week after being introduced.
SB 100, according to the Senate President pro Tem, sets the most ambitious renewable energy target in the world. The committee on May 9 passed SB 100, sending it to the Senate Appropriations Committee.
During the hearing committee members and stakeholders engaged in a lengthy discussion on the legislation and its impacts on the state, jobs, utilities and industry. Wind energy, the solar industry and employee unions led the charge in support of the measure, while investor owned utilities voiced concerns. Committee members and stakeholder groups alike seek consideration of additional energy sources, such as geothermal, biomass, and renewable gas. Conversations will continue as this bill moves through the Legislature.
Announced on May 2 during a press conference featuring Sen. de León along with Sens. Hannah-Beth Jackson (D-Santa Barbara), Scott Weiner (D-San Francisco), Henry Stern (D-Agora Hills) and William Monning (D-Carmel), SB 100 is being touted as a measure that addresses climate change, while also supporting California’s economy and job creation. Sen. de León promised that Californians can expect savings on their utility bills when SB 100 is implemented. 
SB 100 expands the existing Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) and directs three state agencies, the Public Utilities Commission, the Energy Commission and Air Resources Board, to adopt policies and regulations to meet the new goals. It also applies to both retail sellers and publically owned utilities.
The Legislature in 2015 passed SB 350 (de León), which set a 50 percent clean energy standard by 2030. Last year’s SB 32 (Paveley) requires the state to reduce its overall Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 40 percent by 2030.
Under SB 100, the current 50 percent RPS target will be accelerated with the following further targets established:
  • 50 percent by 2026;
  • 60 percent by 2030; and
  • 100 percent by 2045. 
In addition, the measure creates new policies related to the capture of uncontrolled methane from sources including dairies, landfills and waste water treatment facilities. The new clean renewable fuels will replace natural gas. The measure seeks to replace dirty diesel fuels by directing investor owned utilities, to invest in cleaner transportation fuels such as hydrogen or waste methane gas from dairy farms.

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