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June 1 Legislative “Half-Time” Briefing on Priority Bills

May 26, 2017
Sports fans know that the final outcome is always decided after halftime; it’s no different in the California Legislature.
June is “half-time” for the Legislative Session, when all bills cross houses and the budget comes together. The Legislature returns after Memorial Day with a heavy workload of floor votes, a budget to adopt by June 15, and the task of processing “second house” bills in policy committees before Summer Recess begins on July 21. 
The League is offering a free webinar on June 1 for members to focus on the many remaining pending issues important to cities. The League’s legislative team will brief members on top priority bills and issues, including the budget, cap and trade, marijuana regulation, housing and land use, local contracting authority, small cell siting, environmental quality, and public safety. 
This webinar will provide you with the information on priority bills that you will need to successfully advocate on behalf of your city. 
Please register for this free webinar at www.cacities.org/events by 10 a.m. on Thursday, June 1. Webinar log-in information will be sent by noon on June 1.
For most League webinars, we allow only one connection per city. However, due to the capacity for this webinar, we are allowing two connections per city to provide easier access for our members. 
This webinar is free to League member cities and League Partners. Non-member cities will be charged $100 per login.
For registration questions, please contact Megan Dunn.

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