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Bills Restricting Local Control over Contracting and Small-Cell Siting Move to the Floor

SB 540 (Roth) and Other League Supported Housing Blueprint Bills Also Move

May 26, 2017
Late this week the Senate and Assembly Appropriations Committees concluded their work on hundreds of bills pending on their Suspense Files.
In scripted hearings the committee chairs revealed the fates of bills in rapid-fire: they were passed, passed with amendments, or held in committee.

While there were many bills of interest to the League pending on the Suspense Files, the major bills of interest — supported and opposed — continued to move. This sets the stage for floor votes next week when legislators return from the long weekend. All bills must pass the floor by Friday, June 2 or be held for the year.
Two major bills harmful to local control will be debated on the floor next week:
  • AB 1250 (Jones-Sawyer) which drastically limits local ability to contract for services.
  • SB 649 (Hueso) which restricts the ability of local agencies to control and collect rent from small cell siting by wireless companies on streetlights and other public infrastructure. 
Three housing bills, comprising part of the Housing Blueprint supported by the League, will also be pending:
  • SB 540 (Roth) offering streamlined housing permitting via comprehensive upfront land use and environmental reviews.
  • SB 2 (Atkins) proposing a permanent funding source for affordable housing.
  • SB 3 (Beall) proposing a $3 billion affordable housing bond. 
City officials are encouraged to contact their legislators on these and other bills important to their communities.
Senate and Assembly Appropriations Committee Actions
Below is a complete listing of all bills on which the League has adopted a position that were pending this week on either the Senate or Assembly Suspense Files.
Senate Appropriations
  • SB 35 (Weiner) Planning and zoning: affordable housing: streamlined approval process – Pass with amendments.
  • SB 63 (Jackson) Unlawful employment practice: parental leave – Pass.
  • SB 649 (Hueso) Wireless telecommunications facilities – Pass.
  • SB 780 (Weiner) Water Conservation in Landscaping Act – Held
Oppose unless amended
  • SB 79 (Allen) Sales and use taxes: exemption: used electric vehicles – Held.
  • SB 252 (Dodd) water wells – Pass
  • SB 2 (Atkins) Building Homes and Jobs Act – Pass.
  • SB 3 (Beall) Affordable Housing – Pass.
  • SB 17 (Hernandez) Health care: prescription drug costs – Pass.
  • SB 78 (Leyva) After school programs: grant amounts – Pass with amends (to remove appropriation).
  • SB 347 (Jackson) Remote Piloted Aircraft—Pass.
  • SB 540 (Roth) Workforce Housing Opportunity Zone – Pass.
  • SB 541 (Allen) School facilities: school facility water capture – Pass.
  • SB 589 (Hernandez) Municipal separate storm sewer systems: financial capability analysis: pilot project – Held
Assembly Appropriations
  • AB 20 (Kalra) Public employee retirement systems: divestment: Dakota Access Pipeline – Pass.
  • AB 241 (Dababneh) Personal information: privacy: state and local agency breach – Held.
  • AB 561 (Vopel) Sales and use taxes: exclusion: public safety first responder vehicle and equipment: local – Held.
  • AB 570 (Gonzalez Fletcher) Workers’ compensation: permanent disability apportionment – Pass.
  • AB 890 (Medina) Local land use initiatives: environmental review – Pass.
  • AB 1008 (McCarty) Employment discrimination: prior criminal history – Pass.
  • AB 1066 (Aguiar-Curry) Public works: definition – Pass.
  • AB 1127 (Calderon) Baby diaper changing stations – Pass with Amendments.
  • AB 1250 (Jones-Sawyer) Counties and cities: contracts for personal services – Pass with Amendments.
  • AB 1322 (Bocanegra) Property taxation: intercounty base year value transfers – Held.
  • AB 1333 (Dababneh) Political reform act of 1974: local government agency notices – Held.
  • AB 1479 (Bonta) Public records: custodian of records: civil penalties – Pass
Oppose Unless Amended
  • AB 9 (Garcia) Sales and use tax exemption: sanitary napkins, tampons, menstrual sponges, cups – Held.
  • AB 72 (Santiago) Housing – Pass.
  • AB 503 (Lackey) Vehicles: parking violations: registration or driver’s lice renewal – Pass with Amendments. 
  • AB 27 Melendez) Violent felonies: sex offenses – Held.
  • AB 45 (Thurmond) California School Employee Housing Assistance Grant Program – Pass With Amendment Making it Contingent on Budget.
  • AB 53 (Steinorth) Personal income taxes: deduction: homeownership savings accounts – Held.
  • AB 74 (Chiu) Housing – Pass.
  • AB 76 (Chau) Adult-use marijuana: marketing – Pass.
  • AB 175 (Chau) Adult-use marijuana: marketing: packaging and labeling – Pass with Amendments.
  • AB 181 (Lackey) Taxation: renters’ credit – Held.
  • AB 198 (Patterson) Personal income taxes: deductions: first-time home buyers – Held.
  • AB 285 (Melendez) Drug and alcohol free residences – Held.
  • AB 525 (Aguiar-Curry) State Board of Equalization: offer in compromise: extension – Pass.
  • AB 583 (Wood) Emergency medical air transportation – Held.
  • AB 735 (Maienschein) Swimming pools: automated external defibrillators – Pass with Amendments.
  • AB 968 (Rubio) Urban water use: water efficiency – Held.
  • AB 1120 (Cooper) Controlled substances: butane – Pass.
  • AB 1180 (Holden) California Tire Fee: storm water permit compliance fund – Pass with Amendments.
  • AB 1654 (Rubio) Water shortage: urban water management planning – Pass. 
  • AB 663 (Bloom) Coastal resources: low-and-moderate-income housing – Pass with Amendments. 
  • AB 960 (Brough) Sales and use taxes: exemptions: textbooks – Held.
  • AB 1089 (Mullin) Local elective offices: contribution limitations – Held. 
Removal of Opposition
  • AB 1081 (Burke) Sales and use taxes: exclusion: low-emission motor vehicle: trade-in – Held. 
Pending Opposition
  • AB 1597 (Nazarian) Public employee retirement systems: prohibited investments: Turkey – Pass. 
Important Watch 
  • AB 71 (Chiu) 2nd Home mortgage deduction – Pass.
  • AB 73 (Chiu) Streamline Housing Approvals – Pass.

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