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League Engages on Public Safety

March 17, 2017
The League’s Strategic Goal #4 for 2017 is to address the public safety impacts of reduced sentencing laws and provide cities the tools and resources needed to respond to these changes in statewide criminal sentencing policies.
In keeping with this goal, the League has taken a support position on three public safety bills. If passed into law, these bills will have a direct benefit to cities. 
The League encourages cities to join the League in supporting these measures. Links to each bill will provide the full text and status. Sample letters are also available at www.cacities.org/billsearch by plugging the bill number into the search function. 
  • SB 75 (Bates) adds to the list of violent felonies defined in the California Penal Code.  This measure will address concerns about the universe of non-violent second-strike felons who will be eligible for — but are not guaranteed — parole under Proposition 57. 
  • AB 1326 (Cooper) addresses the ongoing uptick in theft crimes since Prop. 47 by allowing law enforcement authorities to aggregate the monetary value of property stolen by an individual over the course of a year, and authorize felony prosecution if that monetary value meets the $950 threshold. It also addresses increased incidents of both individual shoplifting and organized retail theft operations responsible for the loss of millions of dollars in retail merchandise statewide, which entail a corresponding hit to local sales tax revenues.  
  • AB 27 (Melendez) formally classifies a series of sex offenses as violent felonies. It restricts discretion on the part of prosecutors and judges to treat a range of sex crimes less seriously than they may deserve, and ensure more appropriate sentencing.  

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