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League Sponsors Cost Saving Data Storage Measure

June 16, 2017
Cities across California are continually striving to become more transparent.
Local agencies work hard to comply with the strict guidelines inherent within the California Public Records Act (CPRA) — especially in a time where agencies across the state are dealing with a significant spike in CPRA requests.

In 2013, the city of Sacramento processed 1,800 CPRA requests which increased to 4,002 processed requests in 2016 — and that number is projected to increase in 2017. Due to the increased volume of requests, many agencies large and small have already had to hire additional staff dedicated solely to review documents in association with CPRA requests.
In response to rising local costs, Assembly Member Rob Bonta (D-Oakland) has recently amended League-sponsored AB 22 to provide cities the option of using a cloud base data storage system or a “Trusted System” to store and archive official documents and data. The “Trusted System” must be FedRAMP certified — to put that in perspective; the federal government including the CIA and FBI use a similar standard for their sensitive/classified cloud document storage.  
Preservation techniques in use by local and state governments are arcane, burdensome to use, difficult to access, and expensive to maintain. For example, if an interested party makes a CPRA request from a government agency, the local agency administrator often must travel to an offsite storage facility to locate the microfilm, which drastically slows down response time and limits the administrator’s ability to perform other, more essential duties.
The costs associated with maintaining, storing, and retrieving the microfilm create financial burdens on state and local governments at a time when fiscal pressures increasingly demand an immediate path for budget savings. This permissive measure has the ability to save each local agency hundreds of thousands of dollars annually, not only in staff time but in expensive technology infrastructure.
The League appreciates the efforts by Assembly Member Bonta to provide cost savings options for cities and other local agencies. The League is proud to sponsor AB 22.
Next Steps
A sample letter, along with the League’s support letter is available at www.cacities.org/billsearch by plugging AB 22 into the bill search function.

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