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League of California Cities
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Tell Your Residents that the Legislature May Pass a Bill to Allow Telecom Companies to Place Refrigerator Size Equipment on the Street Light in Front of their House

July 26, 2017
More than 215 cities and dozens of counties oppose legislation that takes away local discretion of local governments and our residents to determine when and if telecommunications companies can place their bulky equipment on public property.
The Los Angeles Times calls this bill “an audacious power grab” by this industry and threatens local government services. The bill has sailed through every legislative committee and moved quickly from the Senate to the Assembly where it is waiting its final committee hearing before it goes to the full Assembly for a vote.
In a nutshell the bill represents a major shift in telecommunications policy and law by:
  • Requiring local governments to lease out the public’s property;
  • Capping how much cities can lease this space out for and eliminating the ability for cities to negotiate public benefits; and
  • Squashing thee public’s input and full discretionary review in all communities of the state except for areas in coastal zones and historic districts, for the installation of this telecommunications equipment. 
The Legislature is on recess and will return on Aug. 21 with just three weeks to finish action on all legislation for the year. The League is continuing its work opposing SB 649 (Hueso) and wants to make sure that city residents know what is at stake if this bill becomes law.
The League will be putting together sample materials your city can use to help inform your residents about this legislation and will they will see in their neighborhoods and community if it becomes law. These will include sample articles and social media posts that can be used in your local papers, Facebook pages and Nextdoor communications.
To get involved, please contact Eva Spiegel, communications director with the League at (916) 658-8228.
For more information, please visit

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