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Energy Upgrade California Program Encourages Cities to “Do Your Thing”

December 8, 2017
Energy Upgrade California is calling on cities to help educate their residents and businesses about energy conservation.
Sponsored by the California Public Utilities Commission, the “Do Your Thing” campaign is part of an effort to support California on its quest to double energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent before 2030. The program is part of a statewide marketing, education and outreach initiative to promote energy management concepts, energy efficiency actions and clean energy opportunities for the state’s residents and businesses.

Energy Upgrade California understands that change starts locally. The statewide program is requesting the leadership of local officials throughout the state to help transform the state’s energy habits and landscape. 
In an effort to encourage California cities to adopt energy efficiency measures in their own communities, the League of California Cities® Board of Directors recently adopted a resolution in support of Energy Upgrade California and its “Do Your Thing” Campaign.
Individual cities can get involved by:
  • Using the League’s sample resolution as a guideline to customize and pass a resolution for their city pledging to support the program and its goals. 
  • Sharing Energy Upgrade California’s website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages and content across social media channels with the hashtag #DoYourThing.
  • Joining the movement by encouraging residents to “Doing Your Thing.” Whether it’s upgrading light bulbs or unplugging appliances when they’re not in use, encourage residents to conserve energy.  
Visit Energy Upgrade California website to learn more about this program.
If you have questions about the Energy Upgrade California program, resolution language or need any additional information, contact Laura Rosenthal at (310) 924-1555.

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