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SB 1 Transportation Funding Toolkit Available

August 21, 2017
New transportation funding will begin flowing to cities and counties in early 2018 through SB 1, the Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017.
Local agencies are now busy preparing project lists, which are due to the California Transportation Commission (CTC) on Oct. 16. Local Streets and Roads Annual Reporting guidelines that outline how cities submit their project lists, were approved by the CTC without changes and are available online. These lists set the stage for the street and road maintenance and repair that will commence in a few months.

The League of California Cities® and the California State Association of Counties has created a toolkit for cities and counties to use to announce their list of projects and ensure that their residents are informed about how their local government will be investing in their local infrastructure.
This toolkit comprises:
  • Talking points;
  • Sample ordinance;
  • Press release;
  • Sample social media posts;
  • Sample op-eds; and
  • The SB 1 logo. 
These materials are also located on the League’s website, including a link to a recording of the League and CSAC’s webinar on SB 1 implementation and reporting requirements.
If you have questions about submitting your project list, please contact League Legislative Policy Analyst, Derek Dolfie.

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