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Bills in Committee Aug. 28 – Sept. 1

August 25, 2017
Legislators have been back since Aug. 21, which means just three weeks remain before the Legislature adjourns on Sept. 15.
Gov. Jerry Brown and legislative leaders are continuing to work on a housing package while the Legislature wraps up bills in Senate and Assembly Appropriations committees for another week. The Legislature will also take up funding for parks and water projects.

Some hearings, if not all, will be televised. The Senate and Assembly publish weekly television schedules, but audio is always available online. In addition, many hearings are also webcast via the California Channel.
The League has issued an update priority bill list for the end of session. Bill language and the League’s position letters and sample letters can be found at www.cacities.org/billsearch by plugging the bill number into the search function.
Here are a number of the upcoming appropriations hearings:
Aug. 28
Senate Appropriations, 10 a.m., State Capitol, Room 4203
  • AB 503 (Lackey) Vehicles: parking violations: registration or driver’s license renewal. League position: Oppose unless amended.
  • AB 890 (Medina) Land use: planning and zoning: initiatives. League position: Seeking Amendments.
  • Priority AB 1069 (Low) Local government: taxicab transportation services. League position: Oppose unless amended.
  • AB 1158 (Chu) Carpet recycling. League position: Support.  
Sept. 1
Assembly Appropriations, Upon Adjournment of Session, State Capitol, Room 4202
  • SB 17 (Hernandez) Health care: prescription drug costs. League position: Support.
  • HOT SB 21 (Hill) Law enforcement agencies: surveillance: policies. League position: Oppose unless amended.
  • SB 63 (Jackson) Unlawful employment practice: parental leave. League position: Oppose.
  • SB 162 (Allen) Cannabis: marketing. League position: Support.
  • SB 188 (Jackson) State lands: leasing: oil and gas. League position: Support.
  • SB 199 (Hernandez) The California Health Care Cost, Quality, and Equity Atlas. League position: Support.
  • SB 378 (Portantino) Alcoholic beverages: licenses: emergency orders. League position: Support.
  • SB 421 (Weiner) Sex offenders: registration: criminal offender record information systems. League position: Support.
  • SB 541 (Allen) Water: school facility water capture practices. League position: Support.
  • HOT SB 649 (Hueso) Wireless telecommunications facilities. League position: Oppose.  
Senate Appropriations, 10 a.m., State Capitol, Room 4203
  • AB 45 (Thurmond) California School Employee Housing Assistance Grant Program. League position: Support.
  • HOT AB 64 (Bonta) Cannabis: license and regulation. League position: Oppose unless amended.
  • AB 74 (Chiu) Housing. League position: Support.
  • AB 76 (Chau) Adult-use marijuana: marketing. League position: Support.
  • AB 175 (Chau) Cannabis marketing: packaging and labeling. League position: Support.
  • AB 420 (Wood) Personal income tax: deduction: commercial cannabis activity. League position: Support.
  • AB 570 (Gonzalez-Fletcher) Workers’ compensation: permanent disability apportionment. League position: Oppose.
  • AB 735 (Maienschein) Swimming pools: public safety. League position: Support.
  • AB 943 (Santiago) Land use regulations: local initiatives: voter approval. League position: Oppose unless amended.
  • AB 1002 (Cooley) Center for Cannabis Research. League position: Support.
  • AB 1120 (Cooper) Controlled substances: butane. League position: Support.
  • AB 1127 (Calderon) Baby diaper changing stations. League position: Oppose.
  • HOT AB 1408 (Calderon) Crimes: supervised release. League position: Support.
  • SCA 9 (Glazer) Property tax: new construction exclusion: rain water capture system. League position: Support.

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