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Annual Conference Online Registration Closes This Wednesday

Featured Sessions Available on the League’s Website

August 21, 2017
There’s still a couple more days to register for the 2017 League of California Cities® Annual Conference & Expo.
Online registration for this premier conference will close Wednesday, Aug. 23. Only on-site registration will remain available after this deadline.

Attendees may want to begin planning their conference schedule now to make sure they can participate in all the sessions and additional opportunities. The League’s Annual Conference webpage has information on speakers, sessions and more.
Below is some information about a few of the sessions available. 
Strategies for Managing the New Reality of CalPERS
Last year, the CalPERS board cut the assumed rate of return from 7.5 percent to 7 percent. The current funding ratio is around 68 percent and there is a widespread negative view about what CalPERS can earn over the next decade. As things stand now, increased annual payments could cost cities millions of dollars as they shift already-stretched budgets. Hear from the Chief Actuary about several approaches to making financial ends meet in order to honor growing pension obligations.
Crisis Management for Cities
Cities face crises that may range from a nationally significant incident such as the San Bruno gas explosion to a major earthquake in historic downtown Napa. Discover how to deal with managing a crisis in the face of an impatient and aggressive media and an increasingly suspicious and cynical public. Address preparing beforehand for a crisis; designating who is in charge of the big picture; deciding who to put in front of the cameras; managing public outreach (press and social media); and how to communicate to someone that they are not handling the crisis well.
Strategies in Strengthening Police and Community Trust
Following incidents of police shootings and graphic examples of alleged brutality, a grieving, bewildered nation confronts lives lost, families shattered, community bonds of trust torn and uncertainty about the fundamental right to safety. Achieving police/community trust is one of the most pressing criminal justice/community issues facing cities today. Panelists share promising practices in strengthening police/community trust including: de-escalation of force, hiring, training, evaluation, and positive community connections.

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