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If Your City Shops at Home Depot — Earn a Rebate Now

National Rebate Incentive Program Provides up to 3 Percent Cash Back

October 21, 2016
The Home Depot national rebate incentive program provides agencies the opportunity to earn up to a 3 percent cash back rebate on all in-store, online and U.S. Communities purchases.
By enrolling in The Home Depot cash rebate program before the end of the year, cities with a minimum of $10,000 in annual net purchases can receive a cash rebate for all purchases made through 2016. Participating agencies across the country receive over $5 million in annual rebates from The Home Depot.

Enrollment is easy and FREE. Register your agency today and receive credit for any tracked purchase, retroactive to Jan. 1, 2016. Call (866) 333-3551 or enroll online by following the steps below. To ensure you get credit for all your purchases, please make sure to enter your forms of payment under agreement code USC.
  1. Review the Registration Guide for a step-by-step overview of the enrollment process.
  2. Have your Federal Tax Identification Number (TIN) available. The Federal TIN is required to associate your account with U.S. Communities.
  3. Ensure you complete Step 5 — Add Account IDs. Account IDs refer to your forms of payment which can be p-cards, credit cards, checking accounts or purchase orders (see enrollment guide for details on purchase orders).  
The cut-off for rebate calculations is Dec. 31. 
For more information visit the U.S. Communities Home Depot Cash Rebate info page or contact Sarah Lindsay at (209) 942-4228.
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