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Governor Signs Legislation Expanding State Regulation over Medical Marijuana

October 3, 2016
Gov. Jerry Brown on Sept. 29 signed AB 2679 (Cooley), expanding the universe of state regulation on medical marijuana.
This League-supported legislation is helpful as it addresses instances in which local governments have approved certain manufacturing activities, only to have them shut down by law enforcement.

AB 2679 provides critical state guidance as to what manufacturing processes are legal for marijuana-derived products under the Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act, including legal forms of butane extraction, in the interim period between now and the time more detailed state regulations are developed to govern this activity. It provides that its manufacturing provisions will expire one year after the Bureau of Medical Cannabis Regulation posts a notice on its website announcing that state licensing authorities have begun issuing licenses. In addition, AB 2679 authorizes the research activities of the University of California’s Marijuana Research Program to include motor skills. 
This bill went to the Governor’s office with the support of the League and Police Chiefs Association, which worked with industry to develop the detailed language in the bill, then vetted it with the Fire Chiefs Association to ensure they were at least neutral.

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